What Now?

President Obama is in charge. The Democrats are in control of the House and the Senate. And I don’t know what to do with myself. I have been angry for the last eight years. For eight years, I’ve been unable to finish reading anything related to Bush administration policies. I could not read without getting … More What Now?

Celebrating Obama

I’m crying tears of joy. I didn’t think this could happen. I had my doubts. Not in Obama. But in the electorate. I’m glad I was wrong. I have and always will be a Hillary supporter, but I’m proud to have Barack Obama as my President.

McCain Democrats?

This was in my junk email today… Just wanted to share. ———- To: [my email address] From: info@continuingthefight.com Subject: McCain Democrats, Continuing the Fight Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 22:42:58 -0700 Dear Eliza, Many of you were strong Hillary Clinton supporters. In light of the recent events we realize that many of you are unsure … More McCain Democrats?