March Madness

Where do I start… On March 1, my lovely roommate of two years (and still my good friend) Rachel told me she was moving out. This came as a shock because just a month earlier we had been talking about our living arrangement and she mentioned that she wasn’t planning on moving out for at … More March Madness

Dating. Again.

Last night was my first post-breakup real date not to be confused with my post-breakup rebound. Saturday night was an actual date which wouldn’t have happened had I not broken my new year’s resolution #1. I met him at one of my gyms.  Our deep and meaningful conversation in the gym parking lot led to exchanging phone … More Dating. Again.

First Breakup

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks. I haven’t dealt with this much emotion my entire life. I guess it was bound to happen. I managed to go through 33 years without shedding too many tears over relationships. I do remember shedding a few tears of joy when my ex and I decided to divorce and even … More First Breakup

Birthday Love

My birthday ended on a much better and happier note than it began.  I had no idea that relationship troubles/breakups can be such an effective appetite suppressant, because nothing suppresses my appetite. I’m the girl who eats the entire menu! The main reason I work out is to eat good food. That and to look … More Birthday Love

Million Men Night

Saturday afternoon, combination of PMS and and a dose of reality check, lead me to the realization that the guy I like is NOT that into me. This was a very painful realization. But, I’m a big girl. I can tell when something’s off. I have a feeling that it’s a done deal. He hasn’t … More Million Men Night