Sunday Night Date

Despite a rocky start, the quality of the online dates is improving. Bachelor #1 was a no-show, Bachelor #2 was interesting if not awkward, and Bachelor #3 was actually the closest I’ve come to having a good date from He showed up on time, looked like his picture, could keep up a conversation AND… … More Sunday Night Date

Sushi Date

So another guy from asked me out. This one was smart enough to ask me out to sushi. Which is the fastest way I’ll say “yes” to a date. This one was an improvement over Tuesday night’s date. For starters, he showed up. Major points. Now, here are my notes from the date. His … More Sushi Date

Good Neighbor

I got home today, walked into my kitchen and was greeted with a big surprise. A humongous cockroach in the kitchen. Now, there are no bugs in my kitchen. No roaches, no ants (knock on wood). This one was huge, and it looked like it was dying. It was lying on its back, with its … More Good Neighbor

My Tax Dollars Spreading Democracy… Whether I Want It or Not

As any respectable pinko-commie-liberal, I’m concerned about how my tax dollars are spent. As a single girl, with good income, no mortgage and no dependents, I pay a lot of taxes. But I always wondered how my tax dollars I spent. And as any good pinko-commie-liberal, I want my tax dollars to go towards the … More My Tax Dollars Spreading Democracy… Whether I Want It or Not

Coin Toss

On my way back from my Sunday ritual, spinning class, I decided to stop by the farmer’s market in Hollywood. I always try to go to farmer’s market on Sundays, but it rarely happens. So today, I told myself that, if I find a parking spot anywhere near the farmer’s market, I’m going to park … More Coin Toss