Good Neighbor

I got home today, walked into my kitchen and was greeted with a big surprise. A humongous cockroach in the kitchen. Now, there are no bugs in my kitchen. No roaches, no ants (knock on wood). This one was huge, and it looked like it was dying. It was lying on its back, with its whiskers sticking out and just chillin. Of course, I scream, get the phone and call my manager. I ask Harold to come help me because I’m freaking out. I hate dealing with bugs. I’m not scared of spiders, but moths and other insects really scare me. Anyway, long story short, my next door neighbor Valarie came to the rescue. She picked it up, and put it in a plastic container, and gave it to Harold, the manager. Then the 3 of us stood there trying to figure out what to do with the bug inside the plastic container. Harold has a thing about not killing living creatures. He’s very sweet. I don’t have the same qualms. But now, there’s a bug inside the plastic container and Harold is trying to figure out what to do with it without killing it. I’m just so happy to have a neighbor who came to my rescue. Thank you Valarie.

One comment

  1. I recommend you line you kitchen, windows, bedroom with “boric acid,” its the best bug repellant/killer. It is powder you can buy at home depot, and its the best, doesn’t even smell.

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