Tuesday Night Spinning Class

One of my favorite things in the world is my Tuesday night spinning class. This ranks on top of my favorite things right next to sushi, chocolate and expensive jeans. I rarely EVER miss my Tuesday night spinning class because A) I love spinning B) I love Adam’s spinning class and C) I need to relieve my stress on the bike especially when I’m experiencing a dry spell. The only times I miss this particular class is if I get out of work too late, when I’m sick, or have a birthday celebration to attend.

So a boy from Nerve asked me out. First our date was for last Thursday night, but then we rescheduled for Tuesday night. The only reason I scheduled this for Tuesday night is because I’m busy every other night this week except Friday night but I won’t give up a Friday night for a stranger. So I get home, get dressed and drive to Bar Lubitsch. A really cool bar in West Hollywood. The parking gods are smiling. I find a great spot and park my car. I look at my watch and it’s 8pm exactly. Then I look at my cell phone, and the light is flashing red. I have a text message. It’s Dave. My date. And here’s his message, sent at 7:57pm:

“Hey. I’m not going to be able to make it to Bar Lubitsch. My calendar just reminded me. I had forgot. So sorry. Dave.”

I reply.

“Wow. Thanks for the heads up.”


I am so mad, I’m almost speechless. New rule. No more missing spinning class for a date. Sorry Adam. I’ll never miss your Tuesday night spinning class for a date. And mom, if you’re reading, this is why I was in a bad mood when I called you.


  1. Now I’m in bad mood for having read this. Dave: watch your back; the Indomitable Mr. H. is coming for you and your calendar.

    Eliza: good rule. No reason to miss something you love for a strange. If they’re any good they’ll have a grasp of a thing called “scheduling.”


  2. Wow, Eliza. If I missed a spin class for that I think I sell his cell phone number to a telemarketing call list or two.

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