Couple Friends

There’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of my friends who couple up. Suddenly they enter the “couple zone.” Not all friends. But some friends. What is the couple zone? The couple zone is a zone that only reaches equilibrium when other couples are present. But if a single person enters this zone, it throws off the equilibrium. Couples have a special set of couple friends just for couple activities. They love to plan activities with other couple friends. Like dinners. Game nights. Date nights. And other events that involve even numbers.

I have yet to meet the guy who will last forever or for longer than two months. Ok, maybe longer than three months. But I’ve noticed that the minute I start dating someone longer than … oh I don’t know, more than 3 dates, suddenly there’s a whole new world of socializing that opens up. Suddenly, my couple friends want to do more socializing. And it’s not because suddenly they’ve taken interest in my personal life. It’s because I’m no longer the contagious single person. Suddenly they feel like the single-disease has been cured.

I’m just having one of those days when I realize that I’m always the one hosting parties, inviting friends, plus their significant others, and for some reason when they  plan events, the comfort zone only seems to extend to the couple zone.

And I’m over it.

This isn’t the case with all my coupled-up friends. But some of them. And it would be really nice if they got their heads out of their coupled-up-comfort zone and plan a god-damn-fuckin-dinner party with an odd number guest list.

That’s all.

Whew. It felt nice to get this out.

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