George and Laura headed for divorce?

My favorite online gossip columnist, Ted Casablanca, reports that George and Laura are headed towards splitsville. Yup, things are not so swell in the White House. Laura can no longer fake it. Maybe she’s had enough of Bush boozing and canoodling Condi. Maybe she wants a man who can use two syllable words without butchering them. Or maybe she wants someone who can actually pronounce the word “nuclear” which is NOT pronounced nuk-u-lar.

They’re probably going to make it work just a tad bit longer just until Bush is out of the White House. Then George will head to Crawford and Laura to the big mansion she’s building in Dallas. My guess is that by June 2009, within 6 months after Bush leaves the White House, Laura will file for divorce.

This makes me sad for the institution of marriage. I mean if George and Laura can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?


  1. hey you cook hollywood liberal ass, george and laura are not having a divorce, never will…. get out of your psycho world and get a life

  2. I tried cooking Hollywood Liberal Ass once. It turned out well overall, but a little gamy.

    Maybe, as “Mike” seems to know, I should have tried hunting Hollywood Liberal Ass in their “psycho world” (where, as I understand it, they love to forage & play).

    Although I’m not sure that I should take his word for it. Between you & me, I think “Mike” has a tenuous grasp on reality & an even less firm grasp on the English language. Poor “Mike.”

  3. Dear Mike,

    In response to your eloquent comment:

    1) Yes I am a liberal, and have a really nice ass
    2) George and Laura will be getting a divorce and I don’t blame Laura for this at all. If I was married to George Bush I might have taken the easy way out… drugs, alcohol, suicide.
    3) And I already have a great life. But thank you for your suggestion that I “get a life”

  4. Eliza,
    Loved your response! There’s nothing like caustic wit coupled with sarcasm – it drives the right wing nuts! Thanks for the laugh..


  5. Dear Mike,
    I heard that the reason they’re divorcing is because you have your nose so far up bush’s arse that Laura has become extremely distraught over your complete adoration of the boy wonder!

  6. >>Maybe she wants a man who can use two syllable words without butchering them. <<

    Maybe she just wants a man.

  7. You guys are the people who make so much of mainstream america scared of the democratic party – extreme people.

    The bitter anger and viscerole that clearly comes through in your tone only hurt your own causes and make you all look foolish.

    You’re the reason obama will most likely lose this campaign. Shame on you guys.

  8. Ummm… you ok Ryan? Are you sure you’re not displacing your anger? All I said is that Laura and George will be splitting. No need to get so angry.

    P.S. Thanks for the compliment “extreme people.” I didn’t realize that mainstream America is scared of intelligence. Oops. My bad.

  9. Can you cite some sources for this blog if we “mainstream” people are so “scared of intelligence?” A preconcieved notion in the recesses of your malfunctioning cerebellum is NOT a source.

    Maybe they had a fight that a reliable source heard and maybe recorded that we can listen to. Maybe Laura has been found or recorded in a conversation with an attorney. Maybe photographs of George groping Condi or vice versa have surfaced and you could put up a link or something. Until then, maybe you should just keep your mouth shut and simply hope, but not voice, that turmoil and desecration come to the marriages of top Republican officials so libs don’t have to feel bad that they’re the only ones who’s great “hero” got his cock sucked in the Oval Office by a sexually domineered intern.

  10. Wow. Russell. That’s a lot of anger you’re harboring. And what big words you use.

    Do you always tell people to keep their mouths shut if you don’t agree with their opinions? Something tells me that you’re the kind who’s never read the constitution and doesn’t understand the concept of freedom of expression. And maybe the “libs” do get caught in compromising situations — Clinton, Edwards and so on — but at least they’re not out trying to make policy that restricts rights of individuals, while hiding behind the pretense of straight marriages. And by this, I’m referring to the countless married Republicans in Congress and positions of power who are casting votes against gay rights, while getting blow jobs from men, or going after under age page boys.

    So I suggest you stop being so judgmental, go read the constitution or at the very least the First Amendment, or just keep your ignorant opinions to yourself and keep YOUR mouth shut.

    (P.S. My sources are very credible. Ted Casablanca’s column on EOnline. That’s a source I trust. He has never been wrong when it comes to gossip.)

  11. Well, its January 31, 2011 and Ted Casablanca’s prediction about George and Laura Bush getting a divorce, just so much hot liberal air – and you Mike say “Ted Casablanca’s column on EOnline is a source you can trust – he has never been wrong when it comes to gossip) well duh!

    • I still say that Ted is usually right. And just because Laura and George haven’t divorced yet, doesn’t mean they’re living in paradise. Granted, marriage is not paradise, but if Laura was not married to an ex-president, she would have divorced his drunk-ass a long time ago.

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