Staying Put…

After the emotional roller-coaster on Monday, when the almost-roommate backed out, I went into panic mode. Started exploring other possibilities. Posted on craigslist yet again, reached out to friends on facebook, and even considered moving! I decided to look for a one bedroom in the Hollywood Hills area. And I was met with a nice, big dose of reality check.

I’m pretty particular about where I live. I want an equally great apartment, but at a reasonable price ($1,000-$1,100). But for some strange reason “great+reasonable” don’t seem to add up in the locations where I would consider living.

Tuesday night I went to see a one bedroom apartment in Beachwood Canyon area. It was advertised as 1 bedroom, corner unit, with views and a pool in the building. The living area was smaller than my living room, the bedroom was smaller than my bedroom and even the kitchen was smaller than my kitchen. I already have a pretty tiny kitchen. The carpet was navy blue (leftover from the 80s). There was no landscaping around the pool area and the view that was advertising was a view of the buildings across the street.  I know I sound ridiculous but after having a skyline view of LA from every room (including my bathroom), and a view of Capitol Records building from my living room, it’s pretty tough to look at another place with no views.  I’m willing to live at an apartment with mountain views, or ocean views, but not views of the building across the street. So Tuesday night I came home and cried. The idea of starting the roommate search again, or moving to a sub-par one bedroom just wasn’t that appealing to me. 

But now I’m feeling better.  I’ve realized how much I really love my apartment, my building and 99% of the neighbors. (The next door neighbor can be a bit problematic, but for the most part we get along).  I’ve decided to stay put. The idea of moving away from my fabulous place is just too depressing. I’d rather donate my eggs (but I think I might be too old). Or maybe I can sell a pint of blood every month. But in any case, I’ve decided to stay in my fabulous apartment. I’m sure that things will work out just fine…


Swimming Pool - Hollywood Hills
Swimming Pool - Hollywood Hills


Skyline Views of Los Angeles from  Hollywood Hills Apt
Skyline Views of Los Angeles from Hollywood Hills Apt


  1. Don’t cry, beautiful — at the end of the day, you got in while the getting was good on your supersweet location, and I definitely count that as a blessing every time I am lucky enough to visit you. Tomorrow is another day – mwah!

  2. These things always work out; not immediately, but a roommate will be found. In the meantime, I suggest throwing an “Apartment Support Party” — you make your famous white sangria & collect a door charge. I’ll host a raffle or auction on the premises. It will be brilliant.

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