Million Men Night

Saturday afternoon, combination of PMS and and a dose of reality check, lead me to the realization that the guy I like is NOT that into me. This was a very painful realization. But, I’m a big girl. I can tell when something’s off. I have a feeling that it’s a done deal. He hasn’t … More Million Men Night

What Now?

President Obama is in charge. The Democrats are in control of the House and the Senate. And I don’t know what to do with myself. I have been angry for the last eight years. For eight years, I’ve been unable to finish reading anything related to Bush administration policies. I could not read without getting … More What Now?

Hello 2009!

Two glasses of soco and lime, four (maybe five) vodka tonics, and a glass of champagne… welcome 2009. I look forward to a new year of possibilities. Happy new year everyone.