Letter to Hillary

Dear Hillary, Thank you. You have once again inspired me. You will always have my support, financially and emotionally. I always thought you were the better choice and tonight you proved it once again. I’m glad that the rest of the country FINALLY got to see the class act that you are. They finally got … More Letter to Hillary

School Girl Crush

I have a crush on one of my neighbors. There are couple of cute neighbors in my building, but one in particular has a strange affect on me. Every time I see him, I turn into a complete idiot. Seriously. I don’t know what happens to me. I get frazzled and nervous. I either ┬ádon’t … More School Girl Crush

What Does Obama Need to Win the Election?

He needs balls. Perhaps he can borrow them from Hillary Clinton, just long enough to win a national election. For all the negative rap the Clintons got for their campaign tactics during the Democratic primaries, one thing is for certain, they know how to win elections. Between the two, the Clintons have won Presidential, Gubernatorial … More What Does Obama Need to Win the Election?

Thank You Stranger

Lately, my new favorite exercise has been running up and down the stairs in my neighborhood. It’s about 150 stairs through my gorgeous hillside neighborhood. On the days when I can’t make it to spinning class, or when Adam isn’t teaching, I like to go on a hike through Hollywood Hills and run the stairs.