What Does Obama Need to Win the Election?

He needs balls. Perhaps he can borrow them from Hillary Clinton, just long enough to win a national election. For all the negative rap the Clintons got for their campaign tactics during the Democratic primaries, one thing is for certain, they know how to win elections. Between the two, the Clintons have won Presidential, Gubernatorial and Senatorial elections. They know how to play to win. And they understand that when it comes to the big game, you need to play fire with fire. You can’t use little league strategy in the major leagues. And that’s what Obama might learn the hard way. If he doesn’t start responding to McCain’s negative ads. Turns out, those ads have been pretty effective.

According to the latest Reuters/Zogby poll McCain is leading by 5 points. That’s just depressing. If after eight years of Republican control, economic misery and foreign policy disasters, the Democrats can’t win the White House, well, I guess they just don’t deserve to be there. Maybe Obama thinks that “hope” will carry him into the White House. Maybe he thinks if he takes the high road, it might get him there. Or maybe he’s hoping that Oprah can deliver some magic this time around. 

Or maybe what he needs is real campaign strategy. He needs to learn how to play with the big boys. Something Hillary knows about and Obama just read about in textbooks.  And no matter how much he wants to campaign for change, he needs to realize that he can change more when he’s actually in the White House, not on the road to the White House. Maybe he needs to realize that Hillary can actually get him into the White House.  I hope he comes to this realization before it’s too late. Maybe Obama’s campaign strategists can put their hurt egos aside, and take a good, hard look at who can actually help Obama get to the White House. And I have news for you… it’s not Joe Biden or Kathleen Sebelius.

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