Letter to Hillary

Dear Hillary,

Thank you. You have once again inspired me. You will always have my support, financially and emotionally. I always thought you were the better choice and tonight you proved it once again. I’m glad that the rest of the country FINALLY got to see the class act that you are. They finally got to see the real you. Not the version of you that was demonized by the media. Not a sound byte out of context. But the real you. Strong, intelligent, capable, experienced and presidential you. The rest of the nation finally got to see the woman that so many of us have believed in and continue to believe in.

I will cast my vote for Barack Obama in November, in honor of you. And because as a true democrat I would have never voted for McCain and all that he stands for. I still believe that you belong in the White House. I know that one day you will get to the White House. I can’t wait for that day.




  1. sigh…i know. i watched the speech and it just made me even more angry that she’s not getting the nomination. and i thought that orange suit really popped against the blue back drop. smart choice, Hilary!

  2. Your all crazy Obama has less exp. than Palin so don’t bark up tree’s that will fall on you. Also BTW to hear people vote based on party’s shows just how far the we have fallen when they will vote for peaple because of party or what another politician says about them. Its just stupid vote for who uthink has the best ideas.

  3. If we’re comparing experiences, let’s compare Joe Biden’s experience to Sarah Palin’s. Or are you already thinking of McCain as a dead president? As far as I’m concerned, Obama and McCain both come from a legislative backgrounds. They’re both senators. And Biden brings more experience to the Democratic ticket than Sarah Palin.

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