Qualified Shmalified… After 8 Years of Cheney, the Republicans are Ready for a Pretty Face

An unqualified, inexperienced, gun-toting, American-flag bikini-wearing pretty face. And don’t get me started on the Hillary comparisons. Really? You’re going to compare an inexperienced, hillbilly, to an accomplished, experienced, intelligent woman? What exactly are we comparing here? That both women have vagina? That’s about the only thing that these candidates have in common. And as far as Palin’s comment about shattering the glass ceiling… I’ve got news for you lady. A woman in the VP spot does NOT shatter the glass ceiling. If she did, then Geraldine Ferraro shattered that ceiling 20 years ago on the Democratic ticket. A woman on the VP spot is just not good enough. An inexperienced woman on the VP spot is even worst. That is NOT shattering the glass ceiling. That’s setting the feminist movement back another 100 years.


I look forward to the Vice Presidential debates. This should be entertaining. Joe Biden is going to kick her conservative, bible-thumping, abstinence preaching Republican ass all the way back to Wasilla, Alaska. Population, 6000. There are more people living on my block in Hollywood, than the entire city of Wasilla. Yup. That’s the experience that John McCain was talking about.

Sarah Palin… the most qualified Vice Presidential candidate in the Republican party.


Sarah "Barracuda" Palin for VP


  1. i am so disappointed. where are the feminist voices calling for her head? where’s kim gandy, eleanor smeal, gloria steinem, bell hooks? we need their voices to enter the public debate about the danger of ‘patriarchy in a skirt’ entering the white house. i really hope that hillary speaks to the danger of a pit bull with lipstick representing women of america. palin has gumption and spunk and she really reminds me of an early GW with his ‘i can drink with the good ole’ boys’ rhetoric. PALIN IS 10 STEPS BACK FOR WOMEN IN AMERICA!!!

  2. This whole thing is so heartbreaking and frustrating. I’m hoping that the democrats will put on a strong campaign and start fighting fire with fire. Palin scares me. An unqualified woman makes it that much more harder for qualified women to rise to the top. And I can’t even imagine how she would handle complex foreign policy issues with her simplistic views and experience.

  3. That photo can’t be real… I mean… it just can’t.
    Talk about fear-mongering. My eyes. Oh, dear god, my eyes…

  4. She has more expierience than obama hell he hasen’t done squat and you want him as president are you people out of your minds sounds like a bunch of jealous women to me I bet you all wish you looked as good as she doe’s LOL

  5. Really? You think that women who don’t think Sarah Palin is qualified are just jealous of her looks? Wow! That’s very enlightening Kirk. Yeah, we all wish we looked like a schoolmarm. In fact, that’s what we all aspire to be (that’s me being sarcastic, and I want to point this out because you might not be smart enough to understand sarcasm).

    As for Sarah Palin’s experience… I don’t think being a mayor of a small town in Alaska, population less than 6,000, is good enough. Neither is governor of a state with the smallest population. I don’t think Alaska is representative of the US in any way. Not in terms of demographics, or in terms of the social and public policy issues that the state faces. So, governing a state that has very small agenda, does not giver her enough of an experience to be on the ticket as a VP. Had McCain picked a more qualified woman to be on the ticket, I would not be as critical.

    Can you point out what exactly she has accomplished as a governor? And I’m not talking about regurgitating her claims, I’m talking about checking the facts and making an informed decision. Not just taking sound bytes from her speech as truth.

  6. Oh – I am just sick of hearing about how the media is attacking poor Sarah! Since when did fact checking and clarification on statements made by a candidate for VP become an attack? The hypocrisy is blinding me. Have you seen the sound bite where Sarah talks about how if Hillary is going to play with the big boy she needs to stop whining? AGHHHHH!!!

  7. Especially since she criticized Hillary Clinton for even talking about sexism. How is it not sexist that the media are focusing her outfits and her accessories (glasses) more than her policies. She flip-flopped on the bridge to nowhere, she supported it before she opposed it. She doesn’t want to answer any questions about her religion, despite the fact that both Obama and McCain had to answer for comments made by their religious leaders. Meanwhile, Palin goes to crazy evangelical church, talks about war in Iraq being “God’s will” (meaning holy war), and she doesn’t have to answer to this.


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