My New Favorite City and New Best Friend

After spending four wonderful days in DC, I’m back in LA and I’m kind of sad. I really enjoyed spending time in our nation’s capital and most of all, spending quality time with my friend Matt. Up until this weekend, I had met Matt only once. This was about five years ago, through my friend Fawn, and the minute I met him I knew it was love at first sight. And one of the best things about visiting DC, was meeting all the important people in Matt’s life, that up until now I had only read about. I got to meet Mikey, Clay, Tim(tation) and… Delia. The fabulous, gorgeous Delia.

So here is a list of my favorite DC people, places and attractions…

  1. All the historic monuments… the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pond, the White House, The Capital Hill building. And one of the most emotional moments was visiting the Vietnam Memorial. I really have no personal connection to the Vietnam era. My family didn’t move to this country until 1990. But seeing the names of all those dead soldiers really struck a cord. It was really amazing to see all these places that I had only see on TV or read about in books. And as big of a political nerd that I am, I took a picture of everything. And by that I mean every single building of any significance to me. Including, the Department of Justice building. I’m guessing that most tourists would not care about the simple little DOJ building. But not me. The guards thought it was a little strange, but they were very nice. They even laughed at my joke when I made a comment about Dick Cheney.
  2. The National Gallery of Art. I only had time to visit the east wing of the gallery, which houses a lot of modern/contemporary art. It had a huge collection of Miro and Rothko. And best of all, it’s free to visit. There are not that many things in life for free, but this was one of them. Oh, and there was gelato in the cafe. So I had gelato for lunch before taking the shuttle to the airport.
  3. Logan Circle. I think if I ever move to DC, that’s where I’ll want to live. Great restaurants, central to everything, and Matt!
  4. Public transit. Not that I used it, but I could if I wanted to. Whenever I’m in a city where I can walk everywhere, I try to walk everywhere. But DC also has a great transit system, from what I hear 🙂
  5. Matt and Mikey. The cutest couple in DC. This falls under my favorite attractions. (Totally random side note. I want to thank Matt for inspiring me to blog. Thank you Matt.)

And the least favorite part about DC? The shuttle ride from DC to Dulles Intl. The shuttle made 4 stops and picked up 10 people! Six of the 10 people weighed over 300 lbs. I didn’t even think you could fit so many people into super shuttle. But that was the only negative part of the weekend. I can’t wait to visit DC again.


  1. LOL…the shuttle thing cracked me UP! that’s why i always tell people to fly into national. it might cost a little more, but you can practically walk into the city (it’s just across the potomac). it really is so much more convenient. dulles is just so far and bwi is worse.

    we were so glad to have you visit! we’ll have to head out there soon!

  2. I went to DC for the first time (at least that I can remember) a couple of months ago… what’s hilarious is that I also took a picture of the DOJ!!! What nerds we are 🙂

    I’m glad that you’re back though… you’ve been missed.

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