Finding the One…

So after an exhaustive roommate search, which lasted almost 2 months, I finally found the one. It was love it first sight. We met, we clicked, we instantly knew it was meant to be. She moved in couple of weeks ago.

The new roommate is great. She’s pretty and she loves lamb. What more can I ask for?

Now that one area of my domestic life is taken care of, I’ve been doing some house cleaning in the other areas. I figured it’s time to de-clutter my life to make room for something better.


  1. Good for you.
    Are you compiling a list of things/people that you’re going to de-clutter? That could be an interesting read!

  2. I met your roommate last night and you’re right, she is smokin’ hot…and really funny…and smart too. You girls make an awesome pair and should consider world domination as a possible business venture.

  3. If I am to be decluttered (which is understandable), my preference is Good Will over the Salvation Army.

  4. Well, I think the only reason I would ever declutter you out of my life is if we ended up dating, and then, as with most of your relationships, I would probably end up hating you. This is the ONLY, and highly unlikely, scenario that would lead you to be decluttered away to Good Will. 🙂

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