Unpopular… on ArmenianMatch.com

I’m extremely unpopular on ArmenianMatch.com. Something about my profile really offends Armenian men in cyberspace. So much so that they take their aggression out by ranking my photo/profile 1 on a 1-5 scale. So, here’s what my profile says:

About Me:

I’m smart, sarcastic and liberal in political views. Have lived on my own for a very long time, by choice. Value my independence. Have a great circle of friends. Busy social life. My therapist and my best friend are trying to prove that there are Armenian men who can break my stereotype of Armenian men… So I figured I’d give this a chance.

[This part was added after I got an email with the subject line: MISS LIBERAL, KEEP YOUR ASS IN HOLLYWOOD] I’ve gotten some angry emails from Armenian men because apparently the “liberal” me didn’t sit well with them. The truth is, I’d rather be with an “odar”* that respects me and treats me as an equal than with an Armenian man who feels he’s superior to me based on his gender. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my culture or history. I’m actually very proud of my ethnic heritage. And yes it would be easier to meet an Armenian guy, but I’m not willing to settle.

I’ve held a job my entire adult life, I’m not interested in driving the latest car I can’t afford or buying a bag that’s worth more than the money I have in my wallet. So, if your idea is to spend your money on material possessions you can’t afford just to show off your friends/relatives, I’m not the girl for you.

And please, if my liberal status offends you, move on to the next profile. But seriously, if you’d rather send me an angry email about anything in my profile, it says more about you than about me.

What I’m looking for:

Someone who’s smart, good looking, ambitious and liberal. Has a great sense of humor. And doesn’t think that life is about “dinner-dance-party” every weekend. Someone who likes to travel and has curiosity about the world. If you’re sarcastic and love to dance, even better.

*Odar is anyone who is not Armenian.

And so far, out of 20 people who have viewed my profile, 15 have actually voted. One person has rated it 4, and another 14 have rated it 1 (1 being the lowest on the scale), making my profile the most unpopular profile on Armenian Match. Sigh.

But at least I can say I gave it a try. For the past year my therapist has been wanting me to change my opinion of Armenian men and expand my social circle to meet open-minded, intelligent Armenian men. My best friend has also been on a mission to find me a nice, attractive Armenian guy. Not because she’s Armenian, but because she figures that it’ll be easier to date someone who understands my culture. And because she signed me up on Armenian Match (not realizing that putting my email address in the profile, meant I was going to get an email confirmation and figure out she was behind the profile) I decided to give it a chance.

The first guy who emailed me, lived in Boston area. He wanted to know if I’m willing to relocate. That was actually the question in his subject line. Then there were other emails from men who have zero chance. Men who were way past the age range I’m looking for, geographically undesirable and physically unattractive. Why would a guy with man-boobs and hairy chest, standing in a pool, holding a baby email me twice and ask if I want to chat. Did he even read my profile? Did he see my picture? And I know he voted “1” at least twice. I blocked him once, but psycho-dude decided to change his profile name and come back and look at my profile again.

Had he paid any attention to my profile, he would have realized that I am not looking for a 45-yr old, overweight, divorced guy, with a baby, living in Van Nuys. Nor am I looking for a 39-yr old divorced guy with 2 kids, no profile picture (meaning he’s fugly) living in Pasadena who was so offended by my profile that he sent me an email telling me to keep my ass in Hollywood. Umm… thanks. My ass is actually doing quite well in Hollywood and it has no plans to venture out anywhere where its not appreciated.

So that’s been my experience on Armenian Match. I promised myself I’d give it a month. Only because there’s a hot French-Armo. But two weeks into this experiment, the results are not looking promising.

On a somewhat related side note… Tonight, after driving back from San Diego I decided to stop by a market in Little Armenia section of Hollywood to pick up a few things on my way home. I’m stopped at a red light, and I feel the car behind me bump into my car. No big impact, but I try to signal him to pull over, and he keeps driving. I end up pulling to the side of the street and hoping he pulls over. It was very minor impact, but I just wanted to make sure there was no damage to my car. I pull over, the person drives up next to me, rolls down the window and screams at me “motherfucker”. No joke. And here’s the kicker… He’s an Armenian man, at least in his 40s. He bumped into my car while I’m stopped at a red light, and he’s yelling AT ME! At this point, I’m in a total shock. Did this person really just pull up next to me and cuss at me? Now, I’m NOT exactly scared of a confrontation. So I chase after him, roll down my window, and I cuss him out in English and Armenian. I wish you could have seen his face when he realized I was Armenian. And for the record, my profanities were directed at him and his father.


  1. Sigh…I must say I love this post. Furthermore, do not limit yourself!!! There’s a Ukrainian out there whose every cell gravitates towards you…or perhaps a Cuban…or…an American…AHHH!!!

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