In Love… with Ludo Bites

About a month or so ago, I was watching Top Chef Masters — which I’m undecided about — and this particular episode featured Ludo Lefebvre as one of the competing master chefs. I’d heard his name before (because I love to read restaurant reviews) and after seeing the episode, I had a dream about Ludo’s food. I must have been hungry because I can’t remember the last time I was dreaming about food.

After I had my dream, I shared this with the world (Facebook) and my BFF Laura told me that Chef Ludo is currently featuring his Ludo Bites concept at Bread Bar. He and his crew go to a restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch and take over the dinner service. He’s featuring Ludo Bites at Bread Bar until Aug. 22.  So Laura and I decided to have one of our monthly dinner dates at Ludo Bites.  And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Ludo’s food since then…

Here’s the deal, when a chef is that hot, he doesn’t even need to know how to cook. He could serve burnt toast and he’d have customers return. But, in addition to being even more handsome in person, Chef Ludo’s food was incredible. Laura and I don’t agree on much — we’ve been arguing about politics since our first poli sci class in college — but we both couldn’t stop gushing about the food. I’ve been to Ludo Bites twice in two weeks and can’t stop thinking about it. Now I’m trying to squeeze in one more trip to Ludo Bites between now and August 17. (I’ll be going on a diet from Aug. 18-28 until Fawn’s wedding.)

So here are some of the dishes I’ve had during my two visits to Ludo Bites

  • chorizo, cantaloupe, cornichon
  • green bean salad, peach, coconut, apple, horseradish & lemongrass
  • heirloom tomato salad, red onions, feta mousse, olive powder
  • bacon tart, almond, cinnamon, brown butter chantilly
  • lobster medallions, honey-sherry vinegar vinaigrette, daikon, rosemary
  • foie gras black croque-monsieur, ham, cherry, amaretto (my absolute favorite!)
  • creamy polenta, cantal cheese, oxtail beef, black truffle
  • creme fraiche panna cotta, caramel, caviar (made me get over my hatred of caviar*)
  • chocolate cup cake, foie gras chantilly, candied bacon-almonds, maple syrup
  • organic strawberry, wasabi-marcaspone, pistachio parfait

My second trip to Ludo Bites was with my friend Melissa (former roommate), who even tried the politically incorrect – yet heavenly – foie gras. So, now I’m obsessed. I need to have Ludo’s food every day, yet I know it’s not feasible due to economic and dietary restrictions. I mean I would happily eat 2,000+ calories of Ludo’s food for dinner every day, but I live in LA where it’s criminal to be over size 6. And sadly, I can’t afford to eat this every day. Maybe I should start dating more and now, I’ll tell my dates to take me to Ludo instead of sushi.

So I’m just throwing this out in the universe… “Looking for smart, attractive, sarcastic, over 5’10, fit, politically incorrect… male preferred, who will take me to Ludo Bites on our first date, and learn how to make the foie gras croque monseur in an effort to capture my heart.”


  1. The easy solution is for you & Ludo to find each other and live happily ever after… Then I looked at his photos & saw that woman kissing him… Hmmmm…

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