Notes from the online dating world

A few months ago I decided to expand my selection of men*, so I signed up for online dating. So far, has generated zero chemistry. And lately, they’ve been sending me random matches that I’ve already met in real life and I know for a fact that I don’t have chemistry with these people. I live in LA, how hard can it be for them to send me matches that I don’t already know in real life (within 5 mile radius of 90068, who’s not a vegetarian, a Republican, or a proud parent). Is that too much to ask for?

So based on a recommendation from the fabulous Miss B., I decided to give a try. I copied and pasted my personal essay from chemistry (which was repurposed from myspace and facebook), added a picture and logged off. Today, I checked my account and realized I had checked the wrong box. I had checked the box that indicates that I’m looking for women. And based on the number of winks, turns out I’m pretty popular with the women. (Mother, if you’re reading this… I’m still straight.)

*Note to brother Tito… can you make some new friends?


  1. Fresh Love Notes: Online Dating News

    Wow- so this doesn’t have a lot to do with online dating. But it’s a pretty brash pickup.
    Make sure you’re checking the right gender box when online dating. Otherwise, you might be a little too popular.
    We Need Girlfriends- an online…

  2. Eliza,

    I have heard good things about Nerve from all kinds of people. Some success stories even. I really admire when people suck it up, drop the stigma and just go for it on these sites. I think I’m still too proud to admit that I would be well-served to try it. Chin up! 🙂

    PS – see you in Sunday spin in 7 days!

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