Outspoken + Unapologetic + Smart + Ambitious = Monster?

The word monster has been used a lot recently to describe Hillary Clinton and every time I hear this word my stomach turns. I detest the likes of Samantha Power. Samantha Power set the women’s movement back by hundred years by calling Hillary Clinton a monster. In fact, there’s a generation of women who are reaping the benefits of the feminist movement but have no problem castigating women like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is being called a monster for no apparent reason other than being ambitious, politically savvy, unapologetic, outspoken, and brilliant. Traits that are considered positives in a man, but negatives in a woman. And what exactly makes Hillary Clinton a monster? This is a woman that has worked very hard all her life. She dedicated her life to advancing the career of her husband, while raising a daughter and pursuing her own career. But it’s easy to discredit her experience. Our society is used to seeing first ladies decorating the White House or advancing some type of children’s cause. These are acceptable roles for first ladies. But Hillary Clinton decided to actually use her brains to take on something more ambitious, health care. When she failed, she was lynched by the conservative media and her popularity suffered. That is until she published a book to benefit a children’s charity and until her husband cheated on her. Children’s charity + a cheating husband = increase in popularity ratings. Then came senate, plus 8 years of service, and now running for President, and now the same public is demonizing her for being ambitious. In the years since forgiving her cheating husband, there are millions who have not forgiven Hillary for forgiving Bill. So Bill Clinton cheated but we’re punishing Hillary Clinton. Why? Because she decided to stay in her marriage and finally advance her own career.

Forget her ambitions, forget her equally good if not better education (Wellesley/Yale vs. Georgetown/Yale). Her post first lady years have not been very ladylike. The so called liberal media is so enamored with Obama, they are scared to say anything negative about Obama for fears of being called racist. So racism is not OK, but sexism and ageism are perfectly acceptable. When Geraldine Ferraro made a comment about Barack Obama benefiting from being black everyone jumped at the chance to call her racist. But portraying Hillary Clinton in a negative light, calling her a monster, criticizing her for her husband’s mistakes, and discrediting her experience are perfectly acceptable.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton did not get the memo that she was supposed to go away quietly.

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