Bill Richardson’s Endorsement… The Boys in Power Really Don’t Want to Lose to a Woman

Today, Bill Richardson joined the parade of mostly white, male politicians endorsing Barack Obama. I find it interesting that the guy who benefited so much from the Clinton administration, decided to endorse Barack Obama, instead of Hillary Clinton. Why? Because the boys club of Washington does NOT want a woman in the White House. They think it’s good enough that we have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, 3rd in line from the Presidency. The good news is that we’re only a heart attack and an assassination* away from having a woman president. The bad news is that this scenario is highly unlikely.

The boys are scared of estrogen. They are scared that one day our nation is going to wake up and realize that a woman can do the job of the president better. And this scares the white, male, political establishment. So the boys of Washington have put on a united front. It started with Ted Kennedy, then Chris Dodd and John Kerry and now Richardson. What do all of these men have in common? All of them really, really wanted to become president, but they’ve all been defeated. And their egos are standing on the way of endorsing a woman for a job they so desperately wanted. They can’t stand the thought of losing to woman. So the boys have come together and put all their weight towards the younger, inexperienced, male candidate.

Here’s hoping that John Edwards is man enough to endorse Hillary Clinton. Real men aren’t scared of a woman on top.

*Note to FBI: I am exercising my right to free speech. I am in no way wishing or hoping for any evil happenings to Bush or Cheney. These two have already done so much evil, karma is going to get them eventually… and tenfold. No wonder Bush is boozing again. He’s probably trying to forget all his eeevildoings.


  1. Bless you! So true. I hope John Edwards endorses Hillary. I really like him. I thought Richardson was OK, and I even hoped he might be Hillary’s running mate, but then bam! He sides with Obama. Odd timing too, since Obama is clearly going to go down in a flame of vicious Republican advertising if he is the nominee. I sent more money to Clinton. I don’t want her to give up. I rather reluctantly voted for Bill, but I feel so enthusiastic about her. It’s so funny that American men are so threatened by women. The world has had no problem with the idea of female political leaders. When I was young there were several and Golda Mier had been leading Israel for ages. There are female prime ministers all over the place, but the US, that beacon of the world, isn’t enlightened enough to see it’s OK to have a woman at the helm. Anyway, thanks for your great post.

  2. Uh… “Today, Bill Richardson joined the parade of mostly WHITE, male politicians endorsing Barack Obama…”

    Um… Did you know that Richardson is actually LATINO????

  3. Yes, I am aware that Richardson is half Latino, the other half is white. This is the half where gets the Richardson last name, which is very politically convenient for white voters and since he is Latino from his mother’s side, also appeals to Latino voters.

    I’m also aware that Barack Obama is Black. But these are 2 candidates that also have white heritage and in the white political world they are not too threatening to the political establishment.

    Speaking of Latino, Richardson still uses the word Hispanic to refer to Latinos. I think as a Latino, he should know the difference. I know, because the one and only, the fabulous Professor Nunez told me so.

  4. As far as I know, Joe Biden has not endorsed either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure how Biden fits into your “white men scared of estrogen” theory (I really don’t buy the theory), but he has stayed away from making an endorsement, I believe.

  5. I may have been wrong about Joe Biden. I thought he endorsed Obama. I think I was thinking of Chris Dodd, who did endorse Obama. And it sounds like you’re a white man who’s not estrogen, but I know that a lot of men in power, especially white men, are scared. Not just in the political world, but also in the business world. But again, I think it’s something that’s hard do so unless you experience/witness firsthand.

  6. Ridiculous.

    Joe Biden has not endorsed anyone.

    Your point of view serves, as so much of the media, to provoke.

    Stop it.

  7. I believe I corrected my mistake about Joe Biden. I crossed out his name in my blog, admitted my mistake in a subsequent comment and after seeing your comment, deleted his name. And last time I checked, everyone was entitled to their opinion. I’m not going to censor myself and my opinions just to be pleasant and not to provoke anyone. Perhaps you should re-visit reading the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution?

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