My Tax Dollars Spreading Democracy… Whether I Want It or Not

As any respectable pinko-commie-liberal, I’m concerned about how my tax dollars are spent. As a single girl, with good income, no mortgage and no dependents, I pay a lot of taxes. But I always wondered how my tax dollars I spent. And as any good pinko-commie-liberal, I want my tax dollars to go towards the betterment of our society. I want my country to have the best education and health care, to provide for social services, invest in housing development and improve the quality of life for those that need it the most — the homeless, the working poor, the children… you get the point.

Anyway, I came across a site that lets you see how your federal tax dollars are spent based on where you live. Based on where I live, here’s how every dollar I pay in taxes is spent:

  • 42.2¢ – military
  • 22.1¢ – health care
  • 10.2¢ – interest paid on non-military debt
  • 8.7¢ – anti-poverty programs
  • 4.4¢ – education
  • 3.9¢ – government & law enforcement
  • 3.3¢ – housing & community development
  • 2.6¢ – environment & energy
  • 1.5¢ – agriculture, commerce & transportation
  • 1¢ – international affairs

So most of my money goes towards financing the military, which at this time is engaged in a war in an effort to “spread democracy” and make this world a better place. Instead of investing in education, my country is using my hard-earned money to “spread democracy” through bombs and bullets. Instead of investing money in renewable resources that reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we’re invading sovereign nations, spending billions on war in an effort to meet the demand for oil caused by overconsumption.

It all makes sense. What better way of ensuring constant supply of military recruits than by providing sub-par education and limiting the opportunities for underprivileged kids? And instead of investing more in programs to protect the environment and save energy, we’re spending the money to finance a war that can keep supply the demand for oil and keep the oil companies profitable. Yup, it all makes perfect sense.

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