Sunday Night Date

Despite a rocky start, the quality of the online dates is improving. Bachelor #1 was a no-show, Bachelor #2 was interesting if not awkward, and Bachelor #3 was actually the closest I’ve come to having a good date from He showed up on time, looked like his picture, could keep up a conversation AND… this is the best part of it all… he supports Hillary!!! This alone makes me overlook the fact that he doesn’t drink alcohol (not for AA reasons) or eat red meat. He did say he made an exception for lamb once, so that gave him some extra points in my book.

I don’t know if there are future dates in the horizon, but at least the date was not horrible. So I’m getting optimistic about this whole online dating thing. Sure, I’m a little annoyed that I have to resort to online dating in the first place. But, I ran out of friends of friends. At some point, the social circle becomes too small. So, I’ve had to venture out. Guys from bars never seem like a good idea. Dating co-workers is a big no-no. And definitely no dating guys from the gym.* So for now, it’s online dating. Or, as my little brother suggested, maybe I should try bacon.**

*I learned my lesson after dating a personal trainer. Sure, you get free personal training, but when the relationship doesn’t work out, it just becomes awkward. And, I didn’t want to start running out of gyms in LA. I have already changed my gym twice to avoid running into my ex.

** My brother and I were watching TV, and there was some commercial where all these guys were practically drooling over this one girl. And it turns out, it’s because the woman had bacon in her purse. So my brother turns to me and says, “Maybe you should try bacon?” He can be really funny sometimes.

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