The Best Part of the GRAMMYs…Amy Winehouse

Dear Amy,

Congratulations. I’m so excited that you won. You are one of the most talented musicians out there and by far, one of my favorites. In fact, I listen to both of your albums pretty much every day. Actually, during the hours of 8:30 a.m – 6:00 pm, Mon – Fri, I usually listen at least twice. I know, it’s a little obsessive. So I’m really happy that you won 5 GRAMMYs, although I really think you should have also won for Best Album.

Seriously, Herbie Hancock? I really think that the GRAMMY voters decided to give the award to Herbie, because they just didn’t know how Kanye would react if you won the Best Album award. I know during the award ceremony he mentioned that you deserve to win, but he was just trying to be good sport. He’s been talking for months that he deserves to win for Best Album and Herbie was the safest choice. Even Kanye couldn’t talk too much trash about Herbie Hancock winning Best Album. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Graduation, but Back to Black is in a league of its own.

I really hope you create more music in the years to come. And if you need to go to rehab, I won’t keep that against you.



(P.S. Blond is not your color. You look much better as a brunette.)


  1. I love your love-letter to Amy. Last night when I saw her performance I kept thinking, ‘Wow, Eliza really did a fantastic job on her Halloween outfit.’ I, likewise, was happy for her. She’s so quirky and ecclectic, and it’s refreshing to see a pop artist who is not groomed by the Hollywood machine and music industry. On the other hand, I was thrilled with the Herbie Hancock win. Both Hancock and Mitchell are some of my favorite musicians and at the top of my list of favorite jazz musicians. His compositions of Mitchell’s work are brilliant and beautiful, and I love that he worked collectively with such a range of other artists on that album. Go Herbie!!
    I was sad to see that Joe Zawinul passed away last September. I totally missed that somehow. R.I.P. Zawinul.

  2. I like Herbie Hancock too. I haven’t heard his latest, but now I’m going to download it. I’m so happy for Amy. I think my favorite moment was seeing her shocked about her win for best record.

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