Who’s Kate Hudson’s Baby Daddy?

I really like Kate Hudson. If she is in fact pregnant, which I suspect she is, then I’d like to congratulate her on this happy occasion. But, you gotta wonder who the baby daddy is. Currently, she appears to be single. So here are the “baby daddy” contenders:

  1. Chris Robinson – Apparently, they’re still friends. Perhaps, they’re friends with benefits. And if Kate wants a little brother or sister for little Ryder, this would be a great choice.
  2. Owen Wilson – They were linked on and off in 2007. Then he went to rehab. Then he came out and started hooking up with bunch of model types. But I’m hearing that these two might be back on.
  3. Matthew McConaughey – The last 3-4 months, Matthew has been seeing the lovely miss Camilla Alves, who’s now pregnant. So we at least know that Mattie’s little swimmers are potent enough to get a girl pregnant. Who knows, maybe there was little something on set, before Camilla came along.
  4. Dax Shepard – Dax and Kate were linked a few months back. I don’t see the appeal behind this guy, but he probably charms the ladies with his wit and humor.

So these are four likely candidates for the baby daddy award – Chris Robinson, Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson and Dax Shepard (in no particular order). She’s probably about 4 months pregnant because it’s showing enough that she’s wearing loose fitting clothes. I refuse to believe that she’s human like the rest of us and has been packing on the pounds.

Actresses don’t gain weight in this town. They use some choice drugs, smoke ciggies, eat watercress salad without any dressing and pretend that they’re skinny all because of yoga, pilates and their freakishly fast metabolism. But the point is, they don’t gain weight. The only time they allow themselves to gain an ounce or two is when they’re pregnant. Which leads me to think that the reason for the Hollywood baby boom isn’t that the babies are the new “IT” accessories replacing the miniature dog craze. I think that all these actresses are starving and they really really want to eat. And the only way they can justify the need for food and calories is by getting pregnant.

*P.S. Katie, if you’re not pregnant, can you please start wearing some form-fitting clothes? Or at least have your publicist make an announcement confirming or denying the little bundle of joy rumors.


  1. Yup. Next to babies, rehab is the second best way of getting press these days. Speaking of rehab, the Eva Mendes rehab story came out of nowhere. I guess she wants some street cred in Hollywood. Or maybe she has an eating disorder.

  2. For Kristen Bell’s sake, I hope it IS Dax Shepard? Seriously, she can do better. MUCH better than the dude from Punk’d, anyway (though I will say he had one of my favorite movie quotes of the past five years, in the excorable Employee of the Month: “This is an ’89 Honda, how DARE you!”)

    I wonder if Jason Dohring is single these days…

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