No Sarah, You CAN’T Call Him Joe…

Don’t try to downplay the tone of this important debate, by asking Senator Biden, “May I call you Joe?” I’m glad you crammed for this exam, I mean debate. It looks like you have an answer for everything. Too bad none of the answers are for the questions being asked. Enough! I’m tired of you simplifying important issues. I’m tired of the hockey-mom schtick. I’m tired of the word maverick. I don’t want another maverick as my president. That’s just another word for “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.”  I’ve seen the damage done by a maverick. I don’t want a maverick for president, because this isn’t the wild, wild west. This used to be the greatest nation in the world. Used to be… until a certain maverick from Texas lied and cheated his way into the White House.

So take your maverick act back to Alaska. I don’t want you anywhere near the White House, a heartbeat away from the Presidency. You’re just NOT qualified. And every time an unqualified woman is given a job, it makes it tougher for qualified women to get that job in the future. You didn’t get the Vice Presidential nomination because of your experience. You got it because of your beauty queen looks and your misguided views on important issues. The same misguided views that mobilize the conservative masses to vote for Republican candidates, despite the fact that the vast majority of those voters will not benefit from Republican policies.

So after 8 years of misguided policies, led by an unqualified, inexperienced, maverick President from the wild wild west, we really can’t afford Palin or McCain in the White House. Please, do us all a favor and go back to Alaska. 

And another thing, please learn how to pronounce the word nuclear. It is NOT pronounced “nu-kyu-lar”…


  1. Palin does well with canned interviews and debates, but we all have seen what her real abilities are with on-the-spot questions. She is simply just not qaulified for the position.

    What is really scarry is her opinion that the VP role is more than what is in the constitution. This is the biggest indicator that nothing will change with a McCain adiministration.

  2. I really wanted to restart the debate from the begining and count how many times she said “also”. Would be a great drinking game, dontcha think?

  3. Worse than “nu-kyu-lar” consider “Eye”raq and “Eye”ran. Maybe she’s going after the “Eye”talian vote.

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