McCain Democrats?

This was in my junk email today… Just wanted to share.


To: [my email address]


Subject: McCain Democrats, Continuing the Fight

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 22:42:58 -0700

Dear Eliza,

Many of you were strong Hillary Clinton supporters. In light of the recent events we realize that many of you are unsure how to best use your vote.

As democrats we find ourselves in a similar situation of doubt as to how best continue the fight this November election. In response, we have a created a site specifically for voters like you: democrats who wish to continue the fight we have worked so long and hard to support.

Visit ContinuingTheFight where we feature news and videos by and for democrats such as yourself. We, as a group, have decided to support Senator McCain’s bid for president this fall. At ContinuingTheFight you can also keep track of various campaign events and we hope you will find the opinions expressed in the site in line with yours.

Hillary’s defeat in the democratic primaries was a tough loss for all of us. But we should not let that discourage us now during such a tenuous point in our country’s history. Come join the movement at ContinuingTheFight and together we will make a difference by guiding the US into the future we know is right.


Democrats for McCain:



This email really pissed me off. I have no idea how they got my email but I really felt the need to write back. Initially, I was just going to send a nice little email and just ask them to remove me from their list, but I was so annoyed with this email, I ended up getting a little overboard with mine. Here’s my response to McCain Democrats:



From: Eliza

Sent: Fri 10/10/08 12:31 AM

To: McCain Democrats (

Are you kidding me? McCain democrats? That’s an oxymoron. Please remove me from this list. As a Hillary Clinton supporter, I know exactly who I’m voting for. There is NO confusion. I’m voting for Obama. What is wrong with you people? In what deranged universe do you live? Do you honestly think that McCain represents what Hillary stands for? Seriously. Were you even democrats to begin with? Wow. Ridiculous.

Hillary’s defeat in the primaries was a tough loss for many of us. But for those of you who have decided to abandon support for the democratic candidate and support a candidate that stands against ALL that Hillary supports, makes her loss even more devastating. And your ridiculous logic makes me feel really sad for you. Seriously. Are you nuts?




I’ll always be a Hillary supporter, but I will NEVER vote for McCain. And for all those other Hillary supporters who are even considering voting for McCain, please open your eyes and see the light. McCain is a male, chauvinist pig who does not believe in equal rights for women, equal pay for women, and in the woman’s right to choose. Ask yourself… What would Hillary do? I guarantee, she would not vote for McCain.




  1. What’s even more infuriating is that I actually know people who consider themselves democrats/Hillary-supporters and ARE going to vote for McCain! Here in Los Angeles!

    Did they not hear her at the her at the DNC? Ridiculous indeed!

    On another note… have you seen Religulous yet? We have to go.

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