I Really Hate Myself…

For watching the Rachel Zoe Project. I really do. I’m surprised about these feelings of guilt and disgust towards a show that has to do with fabulous clothes and celebrities. Normally, something like this would be on top of the list for me. I watched two episodes during the beginning of the season and tonight I find myself watching the finale. It’s out of desperation… There’s nothing set to record on DVR, nothing interesting on HGTV, don’t want to torture myself by anything on Food Network since I’m dieting and they always have some sort of dessert competition when I’m dieting, and so it’s time for Bravo. And I’m stuck with Rachel Zoe… I think prune-face is a good description.

So here are my objections with Rachel Zoe and her project…

  1. Rachel is always stressed. So stressed. She makes it seem like the world is going to come to an end if she doesn’t deliver the right dress. I mean she is a stylist. No one is going to die if she screws up. Nothing she does is life-threatening or life-saving.
  2. Her mouth. Something about her mouth bothers me. I don’t know what it is… I’m not against wrinkles, but something seems a little fake around her lip area. Or maybe she could use some botox.
  3. The way she talks. It seems like she has practiced really hard to come across like a prima donna. Maybe it’s because of the way she talks that her mouth has taken that strange form.
  4. Brad and Taylor. The dysfunctional duo. I don’t even know where to start. Taylor, chill out. Brad, get some balls.
  5. Rodger. Poor Rodger. How has he stayed married for so long? I actually don’t dislike him. He’s probably the one OK part of the show. Oh, and why does he spell his name like that? Was Roger too blue collar? Did he add an extra “d” just to make it sound more stylish? Did Rachel make her do it?
  6. Taylor. Why does she talk like that? Seriously. Why does she talk really, really slow. Why is she always acting like she has a stick up her ass? And why won’t she stop picking on Brad?
  7. Brad. Why are you always crying? Stop crying. There’s no crying in fashion!!!

And finally, I can’t believe Rachel Zoe gets paid for this. I can’t believe she has a show on Bravo about the daily nonsense in her life and I can’t believe I’m watching it.

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