Pretty Woman Remake Starring Sarah Palin

One of my all time favorite cinematic moments is the shopping scene from Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts. I know I’m not the only woman who loves this scene. The one where Vivienne, the smart, gorgeous prostitute played by Julia Roberts, is being catered to at a fancy clothing store in Rodeo Drive, courtesy of Edward Wilson, Richard Gere’s character.

And now, there’s a real life pretty woman in town. No, not another hooker with a heart of gold. It’s Sarah Palin, a beauty queen governor all the way from Alaska. And who’s her John? It’s John McCain and the GOP. They have taken the girl from Alaska and given her a big city makeover, with fancy labels and expensive shoes from Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York. The same places where millions of working class women shop for clothes. Where Joe-Six-Pack and Joe-The-Plumber go shopping for Christmas presents.

So go ahead Sarah, keep preaching to the not-so-bright masses that the GOP is out to help them. They don’t know better. They just need a gun-toting, skirt-wearing, tough-talking girl with a million-dollar smile, to help them feel better when they’re out of a job because the Republican policies shipped those jobs  abroad. They might not be able to put bread on the table, but I’m sure your bright smile will keep them warm and fuzzy inside.


  1. I like her, she looks great! Anyone in her position would do the same thing. Seriously. Get over it, and give the woman a break.

  2. I like her too, as a governor of Alaska, as a small-town mayor. But I don’t like her as an unqualified candidate on the Presidential ticket. And if she’s going to play the “woman of the people” role, and identify with Joe-Six-Pack, she needs to shop where Joe-Six-Pack and his wife shop.

    Give her a break? She already got one when she was born white, and she got about 150,000 of those breaks from the GOP.

  3. Did you see the interview with the current Mayor of Wasilla on the Daily Show? When Jason Jones asked , “Are you prepared to be VP?” She said, “Yes, of course!” When asked, “What’s a regular day like the Mayor of Wasilla?”, she replied (after a v-e-r-y long pause), “Well, on Mondays, we have a staff meeting….. and on Thursdays I sign the checks.” Now that the kind of executive experiance we need running the Senate!
    Check it out

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