Empty Meat Market

I’m a big fan of meat and all I want is some prime quality meat. After many years of tasting meat, I have developed a certain palate. I can tell when a select piece of meat is trying to pass itself off as prime. I know how I like my meat. I like my meat … More Empty Meat Market

Million Men Night

Saturday afternoon, combination of PMS and and a dose of reality check, lead me to the realization that the guy I like is NOT that into me. This was a very painful realization. But, I’m a big girl. I can tell when something’s off. I have a feeling that it’s a done deal. He hasn’t … More Million Men Night

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

It looks like both the Armenian community and the Russian community are concerned about my perpetual single status. Every so often, my mom tells me about so-and-so who thinks I would be a great match for the single-eligible bachelor — who in many cases doesn’t even live in the US — that’s her friend’s neighbor’s … More Matchmaker, Matchmaker