Happy Half Birthday!

I’m 34 1/2 today. Six months ago today, I was having the most craptastic yet memorable birthday. Today, on my half birthday, I didn’t get dumped, get my heart broken, sprain my foot, or injure any other body parts. I look at this as progress. There’s definitely truth to the saying that time heals wounds. … More Happy Half Birthday!

2011 Resolutions

I’m keeping it simple this year. The last few years I’ve come up with a long list of resolutions. I start in January with a list of 5-7 resolutions, forget about them during the year, and realize (usually in December) that I haven’t accomplished most of them. This year’s resolutions don’t have anything to do … More 2011 Resolutions

2010 Recap

I was reading the list of the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year and came to realize that my batting average is still about 50% when it comes to resolutions. But then I started to think about all the things I actually experienced this year, which made me feel better about all … More 2010 Recap

Dating. Again.

Last night was my first post-breakup real date not to be confused with my post-breakup rebound. Saturday night was an actual date which wouldn’t have happened had I not broken my new year’s resolution #1. I met him at one of my gyms.  Our deep and meaningful conversation in the gym parking lot led to exchanging phone … More Dating. Again.

London Calling

After last year’s solo adventure in Paris, I’ve decided to spend Thanksgiving in London.  Actually more like London, Brussels and Paris. A week of fish and chips and chocolate and foie gras. Maybe even some hot brits on the side. But mainly, a nice, clean getaway. No boys in the picture. No breakup drama.   … More London Calling