London Calling

After last year’s solo adventure in Paris, I’ve decided to spend Thanksgiving in London.  Actually more like London, Brussels and Paris. A week of fish and chips and chocolate and foie gras. Maybe even some hot brits on the side. But mainly, a nice, clean getaway. No boys in the picture. No breakup drama.


I’m done with the breakup drama. It took couple of months, but I’m finally starting to see the light. And my appetite is back. My insatiable appetite – indestructible by cold, flu, anger and depression – disappeared for over a month. But it’s back. All it took was couple of doses of LudoBites dinners, a giant dose of reality check and a dose of rebound fun.

One comment

  1. hola! i’m jealous of your trip. i was planning on going over in may sort of a graduation present to myself but with this never ending drama with my car, i just can’t spend the money especially if my income is going to drastically change come next august. anyway, enjoy!

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