Lost in Paris

Arrived in Paris on Monday, with two huge pieces of overpacked luggage and zero sense of direction. There’s nothing like arriving in a foreign city, by yourself, and not knowing which way to go. So, after circling around the longest possible way from the Luxembourg Metro station, I found my way to the hotel. It was 8 a.m. or so and check-in wasn’t until 3pm, so I dropped off my stuff at the hotel and went walking around the city.

First stop was La Boulangerie, the bakery across the street from the hotel. I quickly discovered that my limited French vocabulary expanded exponentially whenever I was in a food establishment. Baguette, croissant or quiche sil vou plais. If they asked a question, I said “oui.” Then I would say “merci” and “au revoir” which made it seem like I spoke French.

With some food in the system, nowhere to go, and no sense of direction, I decided to take a walk and see where I’d end up. There’s no better place to get lost than Paris. There is not an ugly street in city and there’s a boulangerie/patisserie on every block.

So I crossed the Luxembourg garden and kept walking and looking like a complete tourist with a map in my hand until a nice French man asked if I needed helped. At least I think that’s what he asked because I don’t speak French and all I wanted to do was to get towards the Seine River so he pointed me in the right direction.

I crossed the Seine, still not knowing where I am and found myself standing in front of the Louvre entrance. Not a bad place to end up when you’re lost.

Got lost in Paris and found myself in front of the Louvre

So after getting lost all over the city, from the Louvre to St. Germain — figuring out I was lost when I circled around the block 3 times except the first two times I thought maybe there were 2 Max Mara stores in the neighborhood until it dawned on me that I was circling around the same block in St. Germain — I finally found my way to Rue Gay Lussac, after a string of many Rues (from de Bac to Bonaparte).

And at that point, after hours of walking lost in Paris, I needed some wine. I decided to make my way to a neighborhood bistro, where I ended up hanging out and talking with – Isabel, Pascal and Dominic – without speaking any French. But hey, when a guy says to me “tres jolie” I know to respond “oui” and “merci.”

More to follow…

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