Enough! Where’s the Outrage Over “White Bitch”?

I am getting so tired of the Hillary Clinton bashing campaign. Time after time I keep hearing derogatory comments about Hillary Clinton and the media seems to be turning a blind eye. When Don Imus made a racist remark about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team, there was a national outrage and he lost his job. I can think of at least a dozen media commentators that have made sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton — the first woman to come so close to a presidential nomination — and nobody seems to care.

So what’s the message we’re sending to women? That it’s perfectly acceptable to make derogatory comments towards women? I get it, racism is NOT ok. Why not apply the same standard to sexism? Why is it OK to treat an entire gender with this kind of hatred?

And speaking of the word “bitch”… it seems that this word is thrown at certain kind of women to take away from the qualities that are deemed highly respectable in men. Women who are assertive, independent, opinionated, unafraid. From Chris Matthews to Alex Castellanos, Hillary Clinton has been called a “she-devil” and white bitch and for what? For being a strong candidate that’s giving all these male politicians a run for their money? For not stepping down? For not going back to the kitchen where most of these men would rather see a woman.

Why do these men have a problem with the gender that gave birth to them? What exactly about Hillary makes her a bitch? If these men have mommy issues and have decided to take it out on the entire female gender, I suggest they seek therapy.

And shame on CNN and every other media organization that continues to accept sexism as part of the news coverage. If anyone had dared to utter a racist comment about Senator Obama on any of the news networks, they would not have a job right now. I think it’s time these news networks gave women the same respect. If sexism doesn’t register on their agenda, maybe they should take note of the buying power of the millions of women and what the loss of viewership will mean to their ad revenue.


  1. So what you’re saying is that it’s ok if Hillary Clinton is called a bitch on national TV, that’s part of the heat in the kitchen? Wow. I don’t see anyone putting Obama through the same type of heat. And as long as men and women in this country think it’s ok to call accomplished, intelligent women a bitch, our country will not move forward.

    I support first amendment, but there’s a line between free speech and derogatory speech and if anyone had called Obama any deragatory words on the news, they would not have a job. Because racist speech is unacceptable in our society, but sexism is perfectly ok. Not that you would know anything about sexism. Your gender has protected you from that.

  2. Omg, I totally agree with this post. I do not understand all of the Hillary bashing and really just think it is because people are intimidated. I mean she is an intelligent and experience candidate who has done great things. People say Obama’s playing the race card so why can’t they just lay off Hillary.

  3. I would have said I wouldn’t have gone down that road before, but I am over the resilience thing, staying in it only in the event something catastrophic to Obama and the continually changing markers of what counts and what doesn’t.

    If Hillary had won it legitimately without changing the rules to do so, I would have no problem voting for her, but I wouldn’t organize a campaign to destroy the party & the person who has won it legitimately without making changes to suit his interests. In effect this “poor loser” tactic is setting the nation on a continued destructive path, because of what? I feel my entitlement of there being the first female President outweighed the good of everyone.

    I did take my thoughts to a very objective and nice way of putting this in perspective, however you will see in other posts my gloves have come off in response to Hillary & her supporters having done the same thing starting about a month ago.

    Honestly, when was the last time Hillary discussed an issue of importance other than “how she plans to win the nomination by changing the rules” or “what group of voters matter to her” or “what if something happens to Obama?” I honestly cannot remember.

    To not come across as a “jerk” about the original post, having just read over it again, you have to seriously take into account that she is married to the most powerful man in the Democratic Party. From a completely objective perspective, I cannot honestly say she would even be in a position to run for President without his prestige.

    This is hypothetical thinking as neither can be separated from the other, but what would her platform be without Bill? A one term Senator from NY, who promised lots of jobs, but didn’t bring very many.

    A vote for the biggest disaster of a war ever. Being aboard the Senate Armed Forces Subcommitte, but & this is not her fault, but rather the stalemate in the Senate, not being able to do anything about brining the war to the end, and to the contrary it has escalated while she was there.

    Her healthcare reform of the 90s was a disaster.

    Whether she likes it or not, she is a decisive person to the American electorate being demon-ized by the right for so many years and having to be strong to fight it off.

    She was strong in getting Bill elected and moving through the system from Governor to President.

    So again, what is the “experience” she brings more so than another First Lady? It is not a demeaning question, but rather a question I do not know the answer to and open to suggestions on something I may be missing.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I couldn’t agree with you more. The level of sexism and misogyny that took place during the campaign was appalling. The fact that you could call someone a “white bitch” and no one even blinks (in fact, they laugh) is, frankly, alarming. I don’t know if some of this is influenced by the notion that it’s “okay” to call a woman a bitch if she’s white (I have my thoughts), but no matter what, it should be a clarion call for women throughout this country.

    I could go on about this more, but I think one good thing that has come from the anger and hatred towards Hillary (and women in general) in this primary has been an awakening by women of just what exactly they’re up against:


  5. “We the people of the United States” are not ready for Democracy in USA and we just play democracy in Middle East. Who cares about Hillary’s experience, or intelligence, or education. Let’s torture the whole Nation another 4 years with a Republican. Go on Eliza. I”m proud of you.

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