Exciting night in Hollywood

So last night, my roommate and I are sitting in our living room talking and watching TV when I notice someone looking into the apartment from the window that faces the roof. Yup. A peeping tom or a would be thief. I scream. He runs. I run outside yelling at him. Probably not the wisest choice. Then instead of calling cops, I call my building manager. He’s extremely calm over the news that an intruder had found a way to climb to the 3rd floor roof and stand outside my window. Then I notice the stitching on my manager’s sweater. My aging hippie manager, who resembles papa smurf, was wearing a hoodie that has marijuana plants stitched all over. And the best part, my hippie manager got it on sale at Fred Segal. Then after a few minutes I decide I’m going to chase after the peeping tom. I put on my running shoes, get my pepper spray and run downstairs (this is about 5 minutes after the guy had sprinted away). Needless to say I didn’t catch him.


  1. i have a peeping tom as well. he’s my next door neighbor and unfortunately, the interior courtyard of my building is circular so we all can see in each other’s apartment. he’s a bitter old queen who hates my dog and is always looking in my place…drives me crazy. then he goes around and tells people i just walk around in my underwear with the windows wide open (which i do–but he don’t need to tell people) maybe i should go knock on his door and hit ‘im with some pepper spray!

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