What is it about Hillary?

Amongst my generation Obama seems to be the more popular choice. He’s obviously charismatic and intelligent, both necessary qualities for a good leader (although our current leader is missing the “intelligent” quality, but that’s besides the point). He gives great speeches. He’s got Oprah’s endorsement. And he’s light-skinned enough not to scare of too many white folks. He’s the perfect black candidate to run for office. But for some strange reason, Obama does not excite me. I say strange because typically I’m very excited by all things black or with any hint of color. But Barack just doesn’t do it for me.

Hillary on the other hand excites me. Not just because I want a woman in the White House. I think she can do the job better than Obama or Edwards. I don’t want to see another candidate in the White House that’s gaining “on the job” experience. We’ve already had that in the White House for the past 8 years and I just don’t think that the office of the presidency should be for the inexperienced.

And I’m really tired of all the Hillary-bashing. I can’t understand why she’s such a polarizing figure on both ends of the political spectrum. Let’s say that she stayed with Bill to advance her own political career. This seems to be one of the main reasons so many Americans don’t like her. So what? A lot of couples stay married despite infidelities. A lot of couples stay married because of money, power, social status and many other reasons that have nothing to do with love. Why is Hillary being judged so harshly? She didn’t have an affair. She stayed in her marriage and made it work. Raised a daughter who didn’t cause any embarrassment. But for this, she gets criticized. All those right-wing conservative hypocrites who preach family values, would have preferred if this particular marriage ended in divorce. They would have preferred if Hillary went away quietly. She probably would have been better liked if she stayed home and baked cookies and put a lid on her ambitions. But she chose to advance her own career after spending a lifetime supporting her husband’s ambitions at the expense of hers. And now she’s getting punished.

It’s 2008 and our great nation has yet to elect a woman to the White House. Third world countries have had women leaders. Muslim countries have elected women. But not our great country. So let’s give Hillary a fair chance.

(Side note: Rumor has it that Laura Bush hasn’t been living in the White House for months because George has started drinking again. That’s right. Mr and Mrs Family Values are having troubles.)


  1. I think it is experience that makes Hilary the front runner. Obama is a great idealist and Edwards is a man of the people, but Hilary has the most experience, especially being married to a former president.

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