A Season of LudoBites

Sometime around January, I fell into a major funk. It could have been the colder weather. Maybe even the beginning of a dry spell since a certain hot, young age-inappropriate jail-bait (not really) had left town. Or because the holiday pounds finally caught up with my waistline and I could no longer fit into the skinny jeans without wearing a baggy shirt to hide the muffin top. I also think it could have had to do with LudoBites. My body was experiencing withdrawals and the side effects were not pretty.

But the winter of hibernation came to an end. After 3 months of bar method and 6 weeks of boot camp, I finally started to fit into my skinny jeans again, without the muffin top. Right around the time I got news that LudoBites was coming back for 8 weeks. Somehow I scored 6 reservations to LudoBites, which are harder to get than an invite to a State dinner at the White House. And just like that I snapped out my depression.

Friday was my last day of my 6 weeks of boot camp and my first reservation of six to LudoBites 4.0. My Friday night date was Christina. We’ve been known to overindulge when it comes to food (and men). Our idea of a perfect meal starts with all-you-can-Brazilian-BBQ followed by Portos Bakery for dessert. So I knew she’d be a great date for LudoBites.

We were the first ones to arrive. I made a reservation for 6pm just to make sure we could order everything before things started getting crossed off the menu because of the hungry masses.  It’s been known to happen and there is no way I was going to let anyone get between me and my foie gras croque-monsieur. And there we were … looking at the menu. All 13 items.

  • First up was the tartine plate. I think Chef Ludo should really consider starting a side business selling butter. Let’s face it, the French KNOW their butter and baguette. I was “this” close to eating the butter with my spoon. But I was classy. I used the baguette instead.
Butter makes everything better. Two kinds of butter lavender & honey and smoked.
  • Next up was the carrot salad. Light and refreshing with a perfect harmony of citrus and saffron flavors.

A refreshing carrot salad, as I work my way through the menu
  • Followed by the heavenly egg, potato mousseline and lobster with edible flowers on top.

There's lobster hiding in there
  • Then sometime around brie chantilly napoleon, raw scallops and poached jidori chicken, and after a long 9-month absence, I was reunited with my love… the glorious foie gras croque-monsieur. It was slightly different from the previous version which came with cherry sauce, but since cherries are not in season it came with a side of lemon turnip chutney. It was worth the wait.

I heart Foie Gras Croque-Monsieur
  • And the food gods did not just stop with the foie gras. To reward me for my patience and suffering — for waiting 4 months for another LudoBites — they delivered the heavenly ravioli.

Ravioli never tasted this good...

And since my stomach is a bottomless pit — and Christina always encourages my food habit — we decided that two entrees were not enough and added the steak with white asparagus to our order. I’m glad I pushed my stomach to its limits. What good is 6 weeks of boot camp, 3 months of bar method, and countless hours spent running through the hills of Hollywood if I don’t exercise my stomach.

Eat me... eat me

If you insist… fine… I’ll take a bite. Check out the inappropriate asparagus on my plate.

The asparagus tip reminds me of something... hmm... what could it be? My inappropriate mind never takes a break.

After 6 appetizers and 3 main courses, Christina and I were ready for dessert. If you only have room for one dessert — in case you don’t feel like stretching your stomach to its limits — you have to order the dark chocolate souffle.

Wow. That's all I can say about the dark chocolate souffle.

But life is short… don’t share just one dessert. Get one each and try both. We also ordered the raspberry religieuse, with pistachio parfait.

Yes, we finished both desserts.

And that was the end of my first of six reservations at LudoBites 4.0. I’ll be signing up for 6 more weeks of boot camp to keep the pounds away as I work my way through the LudoBites menu during the next 8 weeks.

Looking forward to more unforgettable meals with Ludo and Krissy.

Bon appetit!

The French Chef - Ludovic Lefebvre waving at his hungry fans.
Krissy, Chef Ludo's hot wife and the woman who runs the front of the house at LudoBites. She's awesome!


  1. So happy for you. Sad to be missing it, but one day we will have our Ludo Bites date, my dearest.

  2. Well done, Ms. Eliza. Congratulations on scoring all those reservations!

    “Our idea of a perfect meal starts with all-you-can-Brazilian-BBQ followed by Portos Bakery for dessert.” — with thinking like that, I’m sure that one day, they will erect statues in your honor.

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