Michelle Obama Under Attack

I really think you can get a good idea about a man, by looking at his wife. And I like Barack Obama a lot more, because of his wife Michelle. She is an intelligent, accomplished, outspoken woman. Sadly for her, these are qualities that can get a woman in trouble (see Hillary Clinton, Teresa Heinz and many, many more). The minute she opened her mouth, a memo went out at Fox Network to discredit her. The same network that meddled with the 2000 Presidential election is at it again. This time the target is Michelle Obama and the goal is discrediting Barack Obama.

One thing that stands out in this clip, is the question, “What is Michelle Obama mad about?” I find it funny to hear bunch of white men, on Fox TV, asking this question. I think on any given day Michelle Obama and millions of black women have a lot more to be angry about than bunch of white men, particularly bunch of conservative, upper-middle-class white men. Hey Hannity, Michelle Obama is mad about you. Yes you. And the many, many, more likes of you.

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