Calling All Texans… Please Vote for Hillary

Spent a good part of Saturday afternoon campaigning for Hillary Clinton, calling voters in Texas. I’m exhausted. Here are some observations…

  1. Texans sound really different. I live in California. I’m used to all the different accents in California… including my own. But Texans sound different. Now I’ll be able to spot a Texan in California just by hearing them talk (and I will try to do my best NOT to honk at them as they drive their big huge SUVs, with Texas license plates, 20 miles in a 35 mile zone, looking for parking).
  2. Texans like to do things differently from the rest of the United States. This includes voting. They get to vote not once, but twice. First, they vote for the primary which takes place all day from 7:00 a.m. until about 6:30 pm. Then they vote for the caucus. So I had to explain to voters that after they had voted, to go back to the precinct later in the evening to vote for the caucus to give Hillary Clinton a few more delegates. I think this whole set up is a little strange. What happens if voters vote for Clinton in the primary through early voting, but don’t caucus in the evening. Does this mean that the caucus votes count more than primary votes?
  3. Texans like Hillary Clinton. And if they don’t, they’re still nice on the phone. With the exception of those who immediately hung up the phone without listening to my sexy voice.
  4. Many Texans have already voted for Hillary Clinton. Not just women. I talked to a lot of men and women who were really excited for Hillary Clinton. I was especially happy that a lot of Latino voters had already cast a vote… for Hillary. Yay!!!!!!
  5. Texans like God. Those who weren’t voting for Hillary Clinton (or Barack Obama for that matter) insisted they wanted to pray for me … and for Hillary. I don’t know what this means exactly. One particular nice lady, who lives in the middle of Texas, pretty close to the Bush compound, managed to get a few words in about McCain, Clinton, Benny Hinn and bunch of other TV preachers. Something about full circle, and god… I think my brain temporarily shut off at the sound of preaching. I don’t know what made this nice lady think I needed a prayer. Was it something in my voice? Did she sense I’m not a virgin or did she pick up on my eeevil pinko liberal commie ways? In any case, I just thanked her for praying* for me and tried to get off the phone as soon as possible without being rude. It took a lot of effort out of me to be so nice to a complete stranger whose born-again beliefs really offend me.
  6. Texans like Hillary more than Barack. Most of the early voters had voted for Hillary Clinton. Only 2 people said they were supporting Obama.
  7. Telemarketers have a really hard job. I can’t believe how exhausted I was after only 4 hours on the phone.

That’s all for now… can’t wait until January 2009 when Hillary Clinton is in the White House… with Obama as her VP.

*I don’t do a lot of praying. I figure if there is a God, she/he is probably really busy listening to the billions of people of all the different religions, praying and asking for a favor. But, if I need a prayer, I just ask my roommate Shannon to put in a good word for me. So far it seems to have worked. Thank you Shannon.

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