OMG!!!!! Huckabee? Really?

What is wrong with middle America. I can’t believe that the republicans in Iowa chose Huckabee as the nominee. Aside from Huckabee’s conservative social agenda and evangelical background, do these people really want someone by the name of “Huckabee” potentially the president of United States? And I really hope it doesn’t come to this. But unfortunately if it ends up being a Huckabee vs. Obama race we might end up with another republican in the White House.

I have nothing against Obama, I just don’t think that there are enough enlightened individuals in the US to vote for a black candidate. I think if we end up with a Huckabee vs. Obama ticket the white conservative voters are going to mobilize and vote for Huckabee. This scenario really scares me. I really hope that the Huckabee momentum doesn’t last. And I really hope that either Hillary Clinton or John Edwards pushes through in New Hampshire.

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