My first…

Today’s happenings…

On my way to the gym at the crack of dawn, I heard the tragic news about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. This made me really sad. The first female prime minister to lead a Muslim state assassinated in broad daylight. I hope that those responsible for her death (hint hint: President Pervez Musharaff for one) are brought to justice. May she rest in peace …

And now on to gossip

  • Grandpa Hilton has had enough. Enough of Paris drinking and driving, getting arrested, doing time in jail, living the simple life, shagging Greek billionaires. Enough! Grandpa Hilton has decided to donate 97% percent of his fortune to the Hilton charitable foundation. Seems like Paris’s inheritance just dropped from $100 million to only $5 million. Now, to most people $5 million is a lot of mullah. But not for Paris. This is the cost of a simple house in Hollywood Hills. It gives me a lot of joy that grandpa Hilton’s billions are going to be put to better use.
  • And now, on to Jamie Lynn Spears… Oh Jamie Lynn, how did you manage to get knocked up by that Nickelodeon executive… I mean Casey Aldridge. Seriously… I’m hearing lots of rumors that Casey Aldridge is NOT the real baby daddy. It seems that little Jamie Lynn might have been impregnated by a much older executive at Nickelodeon. This would explain why Nickelodeon issued such a kind and understanding response to Jamie Lynn’s dilemma. It might also explain why Casey Aldridge is NOT talking.

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