6 More Drinks and Counting…

Who would have thought that the Almost-Roommate would turn out to be my new boyfriend, ending almost a decade long relationship dry spell. The last time I was in a relationship was 2001. April – September 2001. I remember the dates because I met him during a trip to Jamaica in April 2001 and after 9-11, I had this moment of clarity and it made me realize that I wasn’t happy in that relationship and it was one a fast track to never-never-land. In the decade that followed, there were a lot of dates, make that first dates, some near-relationships, some almost-relationships, but no one I’d call a boyfriend.

My active dating life has made for some very entertaining stories. There was the crazy saxophone player. The homeless guy (the one who chose to live in his car). The backne boy who didn’t get anywhere past first base once I realized the problem. Then there were the awesome guys but bad timing. Not too many of those actually, but there were a couple. Dating in LA is like being a candy store but all the candy is non-fat and without any flavor.

Then there was the Almost Roommate. The guy who changed my relationship status…even on Facebook.


  1. aw…fawn and i were talking about this this weekend! so happy for you!!! it always happens in the least likely of ways. enjoy! and what an awesome “how we met story”.

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