Hillary Bids Farewell…

Looks like she’s going to concede, end her run and endorse Senator Obama. I’m sad. Really sad. As a good democrat, I will vote for Obama. This whole process has made me very disheartened. And I know that the process has been very different for Obama supporters. He ran a good campaign, but he also received a very different treatment from the media. I hate how the media treated Hillary Clinton. The vicious name calling — monster, she-devil and bitch among many — left me sick in my stomach.

For anyone who thinks that sexism does not exist, they need to open their eyes. Sexism is NOT an in-your-face type of “ism”. Racism is more obvious. Sexism is often times more subtle. But when it came to Clinton and the treatment she received, it was anything but subtle. The blatant media bias and the vicious name-calling demonized Clinton. Ultimately, she lost because of the perfect storm of many factors — campaign strategy, campaign funds, voter bias based on Bill Clinton’s mistakes and yes, the media. The media turned vicious and women looked away.

So maybe next time around, when a strong, female candidate runs for President, we’ll be more aware of the sexism and not put up with it. Maybe if more women were outraged by the treatment Clinton received, she might have been treated differently by those in the media. Maybe next time around, women will support a female politician for her strength instead of criticizing and punishing for mistakes she did not commit. Maybe next time, we’ll give her a chance… Change to me, comes in a different gender.

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