The Long Wait is Over… Ludo Bites is Back

It’s been three very long months since my last dinner at Ludo Bites and another month to go until my next one. Since my first dinner at Ludo Bites I’ve pretty much become obsessed with the food. Not exaggerating, but it’s the best food I have ever had. Don’t know how to explain it but never before have I had food that I obsess about for days and weeks after. If I could, I would have dinner at Ludo Bites every single day.

And now it’s back, for 13 magical days in December. The minute I found out — from following Chef Ludo and his wonderful wife Krissy on Twitter — I went online and made two reservations. When I decided to look at my calendar and see when I could snag a third reservation they were no longer taking reservation requests.

My two dates for the two reservations are Laura and Melissa, the two people who got to experience Ludo Bites with me the first time around. When Melissa found out about my reservations she decided she’s going to schedule her Christmas trip to upstate New York around my reservation so she can be my date to Ludo Bites on Monday night. And her words were “Maybe we can spend some time to catch up on Sunday, because after dinner on Monday I won’t be able to talk about anything but the food.” That’s how good the food is.

I hope that one day, Ludo Bites finds a good permanent space or a space for longer stays. But until then, I’ll get my Ludo Bites fix in December and hope it sustains me until it pops up again.


  1. This makes me very happy. I’m glad that you’ll get to enjoy the Bites once again. I look forward to your review of these subsequent experiences.

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