John Edwards to Endorse Hillary Clinton?

I noticed that there’s a picture of John Edwards on Hillary Clinton’s myspace page. I wonder if this means that Edwards is going to endorse Clinton.  I actually would love to see Edwards back in the game, as a VP.  I’m only speculating that he might endorse Clinton but if he does, I wonder if it means that he’ll be Hillary’s pick for VP. And I know that the media is  riding high on the Obama bandwagon, but Clinton is not out.  She’s leading in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Speaking of Texas, I know that the Latino vote is leaning overwhelmingly towards Clinton. I just want Latino voters to come out on election day and actually vote.


  1. I hope also that John Edwards will be her pick for VP. What a great ticket that would be. I also believe there is no one better suited on any level than Hillary to be President. I continue to hope and pray that Hispanic people remember that she has always been there for them. Obviously the black people have short memories..their memories don’t go back as far as Obama not standing up for the Jenna 5 because he did not want to be seen as the black candidate. Very short memories.
    She has been fighting for us for years with results. All Obama has so far is a new mansion on the south side of Chicago. Nothing for ‘his folks’…in fact he doesn’t have a black or hispanic in his top tier of campaign advisors. When I read that in the Wall Street Journal I wa stunned. Just who is this man?

  2. Obama is using the African Americans like he used everyone else to play his shrewd games.
    He used Hillary to campaign for him to become a Senator. She has done that and a lot more for him because she continues to help a lot of people – whether they are grateful or not. But does he or his sarcastic wife ever remember that?

  3. What exactly has Hillary done? In 8 years, she didn’t get her Healthcare Plan anywhere at all. In Arkansas, as first lady, what did she do? Please tell me her experience. Hillary’s claim to “35 years of experience” is way over the top. By the way, that experience includes the catastrophic failure of her universal health care plan, about 10 scandals, and all sorts of foggy allegations of foul play.

    Obama has more experience than Hillary as an elected official:
    Obama: Illinois Senate: 1997-2004; U.S. Senate: 2004-2008
    Hillary has only been in the U.S. Senate since 2001.

    Obama opposed the war from the start, opposed the bankruptcy law Hillary voted for, and opposed the bill that could have been interpreted as giving the Bush Administration permission to attack Iran — all of which Hillary voted for.

    Her well-funded, branded name and campaign is a sham. How can she run a country when she can’t run even a campaign?

  4. How can you vote for Barack Obama when you dont even know what he stands for? What does he want to change and how does he think he can do it?? He does not state that specifically and that is why I find him very scarey. WHo is this guy who has the audacity to run for the president of the United States of America? IF you ask me, he resembles Louis Farrakan.. He sounds anti west. And he does not sound like a patriotic American at all. And his wife Michelle says she just has hope for this country now??? THis is the greatest country on this GOd given earth. And I think we should elect a president who knows and appreciates that fact and who treasures the freedom we have. I do not hear that coming from Barack or Michelle Obama at all.. I do not think Obama will protect our constitution. And I hope America wakes up and nails this guy down. and makes him answer the tough questions. We deserve to know who our next president is and what he has in store for our country no???
    I would vote for Hillary over Barrack Hussein Obama any day. At least I trust she will protect our country and constitution.

  5. Well…heated discussions about a black man and a white woman. When will this Great country of ours, the one that’s supposed to lead by example, be exemplary over all other nations just STOP!!! God created man & woman, he established all that we see and do not yet see. He gives us breath and the #1 law that He clearly states above all of His laws is to LOVE OTHERS AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. We need to put aside all the racial bigotry and focus on our issues, not black or white. This is by far the greatest race I’ve ever witnessed so just let the game play and wait for the final score in the 4th qtr….it should be exciting.

  6. Obama actually went to Hillary and she took him under her wing and advised HIM as to how to go about winning his seat as a senator. I think she will bring this out in the debate tonight.

    Also: is it just me or does it seem that the NEWS media seems to put commentators on that actually DON’T like Hillary? I’ve been seeing this way too much. Oh wait…just this morning I saw ONE out of THIRTEEN in support of Hillary. The media should be ashamed. I hope when she wins this that she slams them to the wall for the way they’ve treated her.

    Shame of you news media!

    Ok now the Farrakan thing. The church thing. What in the world do these people not HEAR? It seems as though when the news media does get something that can and eventually will tear obama to shreads they simply sweep it under the run as, “it doesn’t matter” in this presidential election. Gezzzzzzzzzzz….I just think that Hillary hasn’t gotten what is duefully her’s in the press coverage. ALOT of the things are like this: “Ohhhhhhhhhhh obama we love you” and “Ohhhhhhh Hillary … which one will she be tonight?” I hope she rips the obama to shreads tonight at the debate.

  7. Hillary, in no way shape or form, ripped Obama to shreds. If anything, he showed how more presidential he is in how he has handled her sarcasm and attacks towards him. I think he won that debate hands down and the look on her face showed she was a loser, not a winner. He can block any of her punches. YOU GO OBAMA!

  8. I think Hillary is business as usual. I agree with Susan – all her experience is fluff. She was first lady of Arkansas and first lady the nation. How does that give you experience? The one big responsibility she was given during her first lady stint in the White House, she blew!!. Then, the same health care industries like Kaiser Permanente that she tried to shut down with her universal health care plan are actually now funding her campaign. So tell me, how can she really be about universal health care and follow through if she gets elected when she’s in the healthcare industry’s pocket. The Karl Rove machine will make mince meat out of her and all the White House scandals during the Clinton era – remember Whitewater??! Obama has crossed all lines and is about uniting people. He’s been fully vetted and despite people who obviously are bigoted and racist trying to make some claim that he’s “anti-west” or like Farrakhan – he’s managed to stay above this type of hick talk. His entire plan on the economy, etc. can be found on his website – Who cares anyway if Edwards supports him – he’s the Breck boy another wealthy guy in the White House!

  9. I disagree. I think that Hillary Clinton is brilliant, capable AND experienced, all qualities necessary for the job of the President. I don’t think that the office of the Presidency should be the place to gain “on the job” experience. And to be honest, I’m so tired of hearing that Hillary Clinton is business as usual or that her experience is fluff. What exactly is it about Obama’s experience that’s more solid? He was an undistinguished State Senator, and if it wasn’t for his speech at the DNC convention 4 years ago, he would have never gained national prominence. He’ll be a great President, some day, when he has more experience. This job requires experience, not just charisma. Not just great speeches. It wasn’t too long ago when we elected another candidate with great charisma. Someone by the name of George W. Bush.

    I’m also tired of people discrediting her years prior first lady of US and Arkansas, as if she was just a ribbon cutter. Yes, she tackled the health care policy, which is more than any other politician has done. She failed, but no other politician has had the balls to even approach the topic of health care on a national level.

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