Jamie Lynn Dumped by Baby Daddy

I hear that Casey Aldridge has dumped Jamie Lynn. Apparently, he’s having doubts about his paternity. As I mentioned before, there is a rumor going around that some Nickelodeon executive is the real father of Jamie Lynn’s baby and Casey Aldridge is being paid to be the fall guy.

I just love when some bible-thumping, Bush-loving, trailer park folks get into this kind of mess. I just LOVE that some people/churches/communities preach abstinence, condemn abortion, but have a problem with sex education. At least in the case of Jamie Lynn Spears, she can afford to raise this baby. But millions of teens who do get pregnant end up bringing kids into this world without the financial or emotional means to raise a child. Meanwhile, millions of tweens are watching adorable Jamie Lynn on Zoey 101 and getting a life lesson on unprotected sex. Hopefully, it’ll be a warning sign for “what not to do.” But more than likely, in our celeb-obsessed society, many kids are watching this story unfold and thinking, “if she can do it so can I.”

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