Birthday Love

My birthday ended on a much better and happier note than it began.  I had no idea that relationship troubles/breakups can be such an effective appetite suppressant, because nothing suppresses my appetite. I’m the girl who eats the entire menu! The main reason I work out is to eat good food. That and to look good in super-tight-skinny jeans. But I digress.

To say that the day was a mixed bag of nuts is an understatement.  The night before, the bf and I talked about an argument we had a week before. It took a week to resolve it because I was on a business trip, 2000 miles away. We decided that things were good. We decided to move forward. We continued talking about and making plans for the future (places to go/things to do). Sometime between going back home to change for work, and around 7 a.m., I found out that he had decided that it wasn’t fair to me to deal with his shit — leftover from the 3 1/2 yr relationship which ended a month before we started dating —  and didn’t want to be in a relationship. Then after several text messages, and  a 45 minute phone conversation, and just about the time his iPhone battery died, my relationship was over. On a day when countless friends were wishing me a very happy birthday, I was crying hysterically over an unexpected end to a very promising relationship.

I rarely cry. I don’t cry over boys. I don’t jump into relationships. I don’t introduce guys to friends unless I can see a future. I don’t let them into my world unless they’re really worth it. He was worth it.  Despite the selfish, asshole move on his part — ending a relationship on my birthday — it was good while it lasted. Too bad he’s not strong enough to deal with his issues and be able to function in a healthy relationship.

Then again, if someone wants to be in a relationship, there is not much that would keep them from one. Maybe it’s just a case of “he’s just not that into you.” But I have a hard time with that thought. You don’t just tell a person that you love them 3 weeks into a relationship, ask them to go to a party at the parents house and meet the family, make plans for trips together and then pull this crap. Or maybe I’m over-analyzing. Maybe he just didn’t find me the perfect birthday present and needed a way out. That’s probably it.

But I rallied. The birthday love way stronger. After bursting into random crying episodes throughout the day — before work, during lunch, and driving back home from work — I finally started getting back into some state of normalcy. The appetite gods sent me back my appetite just in time for an awesome dinner at Osteria Mozza with my best friend Laura and her wonderful husband John. Then after dinner it was drinks at Bar Covell , organized spur-of-the-moment by my lovely Mia-Cakes, with Hanttulian and more awesome friends in attendance and Legally Fawn there in spirit. She called the troop leader (Mia-Cakes) after finding out about the breakup and my friends made sure that my birthday ended much better than it started. And when my ex texted, “Happy Birthday. You’ve been in my thoughts all day,” I didn’t get the slightest urge to respond to his message.

Despite a sprained foot and a broken heart I’m feeling better. Now I just need my appetite back, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing since I managed to sprain my foot and can’t exercise.


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