And the Nobel Hope Prize Goes To…

President Obama!

That’s right. Nine months in the office, no real accomplishments, still fighting two wars, and he gets a Nobel Peace Prize. Wow. This must have been a very slow year for the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Were there no other available candidates in the peace pool? Did someone at the Nobel committee get the words “hope “and “peace” confused?

I get it. Most of the world is very happy that Obama won. I’m guessing that less people hate Americans because Obama won. Without any statistical evidence to back me up, I can even go as far as to say that the Muslim world hates the United States a little less just because Obama won.

I’ve got news people, HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING THAT ADVANCES THE PEACE PROCESS. NOTHING! We still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting who knows what. Bin Ladin is still out there. We still haven’t been able to capture a terrorist who needs a dialysis machine 3 days a week to stay alive. And there are those who claim that Bin Ladin is already dead, but we’re still trying to find him. Oh wait. Are we still trying to find him? When was the last time his name even came up in any news reports.

But, that’s besides the point. Apparently, you can win the Nobel Peace Prize just for having the potential to bring peace… hopefully. Sure, you can backtrack on the campaign promise to recognize the Armenian Genocide (the one where a 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turks), but somehow you can still go on to win the peace prize. I think if you turn a blind eye towards genocide, you don’t deserve a peace prize.

I got into a heated argument with one of my friends because I had the nerve to question the merits of Obama winning the Peace Prize.I had the audacity to criticize my president. A president who I voted for. Seems like just because I’m a liberal democrat, and I voted for a democrat, that means I’m not supposed to criticize someone in my own party. Just because he’s full of hope and vision for peace. The same people who have a problem with me for criticizing the president, also had a problem when a huge portion of the electorate – the ones who voted for Bush – didn’t criticize the President. And they don’t see the irony…

I want someone to tell me what President Obama has done in the last 9 months that was a step in the direction towards achieving peace. The Israelis and Palestinians still hate each other. We are fighting two wars in the middle east. You won’t recognize the Armenian genocide. And you get a peace prize. Looks like the bar for the Nobel Peace Prize has been lowered…

And someone please tell me what happened to President Clinton’s Peace Prize. Now that’s a President deserving of one.

I hope that the President uses the “Peace Prize retainer” to actually do something that warrants the prize. Because in his first 9 months, he hasn’t done anything that merits this. Sure, he broke through a lot of barriers to get into the office but he still has a way to go to actually earn a peace prize.


3 thoughts on “And the Nobel Hope Prize Goes To…

  1. While I don’t completely disagree with what you are saying, I think this award being given is more of a reflection of how the world viewed the US under Bush. Unseating a political movement seemingly bent on war at any cost was reason enough evidently. While many things are still the same currently, I think this win is predicated on other anticipated events occurring at some point in the future. I do think awards of such supposed magnitude are best given to those who have already accomplished what they have set out to do (of course).

    Also – the section in here on the award itself is interesting:

  2. I actually saw the Rachel Maddow commentary and I agree with a lot of it. I give President Obama a lot of credit with how he handled this. I think it came as a big surprise to him, because even he realizes that this was a premature Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, I have high hopes for this American president, but I think the Nobel committee did him a disservice by awarding him the Nobel Prize so early on in his presidency. He is already respected throughout the world, and he has a strong support of a good portion of the constituency. But I just don’t agree with the idea of giving him a Nobel Peace Prize so early on, just because he’s decided to use diplomacy to handle conflict. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Just because the previous president did so much damage to the international reputation of the US, doesn’t mean that the new President should get an award just for doing things differently… or actually how civilized industrialized countries are supposed to handle conflict. With diplomacy first and with arms as a last resort.

    I also think it’s interesting that Bill Clinton never got one despite having made so many strides in peace talks in the Middle East, intervention in the Balkans, etc. It just seams like the award had more to do with Obama’s celebrity and persona than anything else.

  3. Dont disagree with you about Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize. But lest you forget, Clinton personally intervened by a phone call to Dennis Hastert minutes before a House vote was to take place on recognition of the Armenian Genocide, to prevent the vote.

    It was on Clinton’s watch that the Rwandan Genocide took place – a genocide Clinton knew about and had the power to prevent. He did nothing.

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