You Said You Were Different

You promised you weren’t like the others. That you were different. To give you a chance. You said you’d keep your promises. I didn’t believe at first. I’d heard this before. But you said you were different. Not like the others. And you said this over and over again. I even have evidence… I can play replay. And eventually I started to believe. I started to like you. Little by little you won me over.

And now you’re breaking my heart. Like the other politicians. I voted for you because you made me believe in change.

I’m getting more of the same… just in a different package.


2 thoughts on “You Said You Were Different

  1. He’s trying to do so much all at once and he’s getting swallowed by the abyss that is political correctness. The Democratic party is so divided and that will always be its greatest weakness and strength.

    Economically we have rebounded, but he needs to stop catering to the religious right in order to preserve partisanship. Act and lead and hopefully the neophytes of the right will come closer to the center.

  2. I have to admit that I am dissappointed too. Bill Moyer put it best this week when he said “Poor Obama. He came to town preaching the religion of nice. But every time he bows politely, the harder the Republicans kick him. No one’s ever conquered Washington politics by constantly saying “pretty please” to the guys trying to cut your throat.”

    I expected more fight from Obama – More strength… That’s change I can believe in…

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