Thank You Stranger

Lately, my new favorite exercise has been running up and down the stairs in my neighborhood. It’s about 150 stairs through my gorgeous hillside neighborhood. On the days when I can’t make it to spinning class, or when Adam isn’t teaching, I like to go on a hike through Hollywood Hills and run the stairs.

The other day, I’m running up and down the stairs and a dog starts barking at me. This happens sometimes. And then I hear someone ask the dog, “Who are you barking at?” I answer, “At me.” Then I see the dog’s owner hanging out in the patio, and he apologizes for his dog barking at me. “No worries,” I say. “Dogs bark sometimes.” I keep running up and down the stairs, on a mission to do a set of 20. On my next trip down the stairs, the friendly neighbor guy asks if I want some water. It was hot, I was drenched, and I guess he thought I could use some. I declined nicely. I wasn’t that thirsty.

Today, I couldn’t go to spinning class, and I was feeling guilty about eating way too much throughout the day, so I forced myself to get off the couch and go run the stairs in the neighborhood. I’m running up and down the stairs, and at one point I see the neighbor guy walk out the side door of his house, which opens towards the stairs, and walk down the stairs. He looked kind of cute. I couldn’t see his face, but he seemed tall and muscular (totally my type). I continue running up and down the stairs, and at set 12 I notice an ice cold bottle of Evian water, right near his house, but towards the opposite side of the stairs. I’m dying of thirst at this point but I’m not sure if the neighbor left me the bottle of the water, or if some other runner left this water by the staircase. There was only one other person I saw running up the stairs, when I was at set #10, but I hadn’t seen him come back down. Set 15, I’m really thirsty, and still haven’t seen any other person who could possibly had left the water bottle by the stairs. Set 18, I’m really, really thirsty and the runner I saw at set 10 still hasn’t been back down the stairs. Set 20, I’m convinced the bottle was left for me by the nice, friendly neighbor who offered me water a few days earlier. At set 20, I opened the bottle drank the amazing, ice-cold Evian and poured the ice cold water down my sweltering, hot body…

Thank you neighbor.


9 thoughts on “Thank You Stranger

  1. Darling — They do say “Love thy neighbor.” what a nice gesture on his part – I am a big fan of random Acts of Kindness…
    I’ve been meaning to ask why no more gossip on your blog? OXOX

  2. That was my water.
    I leave bottles of refreshing liquids for myself at strategic locations around the city. Why? Because one never knows when he’ll need cool refreshment.

    It’s OK that you drank it. At least I now know that I must replace the bottle in location #247.

    I hope it was good.

    UPDATE: I’ve now switched the majority of my bottles to Fiji Water. I like it better than that Evian crap.

  3. Ok I had to blink and reconnect myself to what I was reading because that 2nd paragraph sounded like someone beginning to summarize a porno….the ending disappointed me however.

  4. Eliza I think this guy was sending you another message. I mean you didn’t say he left 2 bottles of water, and there were 2 runners before set #10…….

  5. aw. totally cute story. i have to call up to one of my barbacks to come clean up the vomit i left on the floor in my office.

    KIDDING. i do enjoy cute stories like this…chicken soup for the bitter, i-hate-my-neighbor-cause-they’re-annoying beefcake-y gay guy in our nations capital.

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