Turkey in My Home

A boy left a jacket in my apartment about a month ago. We were supposed to meet up to exchange his jacket and my coffee mug (it’s a very special stainless steel travel mug), which he borrowed over a month ago. This coffee mug is very near and dear to my heart. It helps me consume 32 ounces of coffee before 10 a.m., which makes me a lot nicer in the mornings. My travel mug used to go everywhere with me, kind of like Paris Hilton’s chihuahua.

The last time we tried to meet up to do the exchange, we had scheduling conflicts. We haven’t been in touch since, and I really want me coffee mug, but not enough to actually get in touch with him. The problem is that his jacket has been on a chair, in my dining area, for the past month. The other day I actually decided to put it away, since it’s messing up with the aesthetics of the living/dining room, and I discovered something horrendous… the jacket was MADE IN TURKEY!!!!!

Here’s the deal… I don’t buy anything made in Turkey. It’s an Armenian thing. I feel like as long as Turkey doesn’t recognize the Armenian genocide, I will not buy any products with “made in Turkey” label. Which is problematic because I love H&M but they make a lot of products in Turkey. So whenever I’m shopping there I have to be really careful. Now I don’t know what to do. There’s a product made in Turkey sitting in my dining room. It’s like adding insult to injury. My favorite coffee mug has abandoned me for the past month. I’ve had to settle for a cheap imitation. This is really bothering me…


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